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Happy New Year! New year, new beginnings. :) I’m hoping to have more regular content soon. One of my unofficial resolutions is to post at least once a week come, but it’s honestly super hard with life.

Sample day for me: get up at 7, get ready for work and be there by 8, get off at 6, hop on over to the gym, workout, shower, head back home, and usually, it’s about 9-10pm. On non-gym days, I grocery shop, cook, and/or run errands, and 2x a month, I spend my weekends with the little girl I mentor. With the spare time I have, I’m either sewing or working on my house/in my yard. Busy busy!

I always do appreciate everyone who takes the time to read my irregular blog posts, and I apologize in advance for not responding sooner to comments, but thank you so much for leaving them!


My sweet lady Charging Sky, who can be found on Instagram or writing for the Lingeristas, and I made a pact to limit and curtail our lingerie spending. (Dundundunnnnnnnn.) Speaking for myself, I -ahem- went out of control 3rd & 4th quarter last year since I had stopped buying lingerie the year before. It also didn’t help that Victoria’s Secret was releasing lingerie that I actually liked, and when you can try before you buy, it can be a dangerous, slippery slope. Also, let’s not get started with eBay either. ;)

January sales are in full-force, so if you’re looking to stretch your budget, now is the time to buy!

I was poking around Journelle’s website and saw that they are running an additional 20% off their sale section with the code: PLUSTWENTY (case sensitive). Since I’m pretty anal about owning the matching bra and knicker even though I mix and match like nobody’s business, I’m safe! What I like most about sales is being able to try out new brands at a lower price point; however, most sales, especially sale on sale, have a final sale policy, so please proceed with caution.

After dealing with a slew of international returns and two that have gotten LOST, I’m over figuring out sizing on my own dime. Nowadays, when I’m trying out new brands, I find myself leaning towards loungewear, which thankfully offers some forgiveness with fit.

I snagged myself the gorgeous Annabelle Zinke chemise with rose gold lace. They have it available in S and L, so if you want to be twins or a triplet, get on it!

Photograph copyright

Photograph copyright

I’m super excited and can’t wait to receive this since it’s so pretty, and I don’t own anything like it! I’ve always been really big on slips and chemises since I actually wear them underneath my dresses for work.

What new lingerie finds have you purchased? I LOVE seeing and hearing what others have purchased: high street, designer, basics, impractical – love it all! If you want to share, tell me, so I can vicariously live through you (and I promise to not take forever to respond)! After all, I can’t buy everything. ;)

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