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Happy Friday! Here’s the long overdue VS review that I’ve promised. :)

Many months ago when I was at the mall running errands, I walked by VS and was super shocked by their store displays – super shocked in a good way! I couldn’t believe how much I liked what I saw: an elegant Chantilly lace halter bra that was nicely sewn together and beautifully styled with other pieces? YES PLEASE.

The snap from that fateful day.

The snap from that fateful day.

With the in-house return of their Designer Collection, perhaps these designs are trickling down into their standard lines?

A few months later I found myself thinking of that halter bra, and I came to the decision that I must have it. I went back to the mall but found out that the bra I wanted was no longer available there. I did, however, find out that they made this same bra in a new color way: red and pink! After a few calls, I was able to track down and locate both the black and red set in my size at the VS boutique store.

This bra is offered in the “Very Sexy” range. The bra is $58.
VS Red Halter

I found out from Leandra, the wonderful sales associate and lingerie buyer at the shop, that this set was limited. A certain number was sent to each store, so once they’re out, they’re out. This set had also been selling quite well, which is why it was brought back in a different color. If you’re interested in this set, please call the store ahead of time to ensure they have it in stock! I hit up about 4 VS stores in a 20 mile radius. Lesson learned: don’t be me.

(A word on online shopping: I had actually seen the bra online briefly, but by the next day, it was no longer available. I have not been able to see it there since. Their website is kind of a mess, too: all of their items aren’t always viewable by collection and the search results can be terribly inconsistent. For me, shopping with VS in-person is preferred.)

I really like this bra a lot. I purchased my regular size in VS: a 34C. It’s sewn nicely with a good amount of care to how the lace ends gingerly meet. The lace lies flat across the chest, and it’s soft against the skin.
VS Red Halter Lace Detail

The neck elastics are soft, but they pucker when worn. Unfortunately, the elastic does not lie as flat against the body as I’d like due to curve of the neck. (I don’t think elastic is woven on a bias, but this piece would benefit from something like that.) I’m a huge fan of the gold hardware like the horseshoe clasp with two sparkly “crystals.” One complaint: I wish the hardware was metal. It appears to be/feels like gold-toned plastic:
VS Red Halter Bra Horseshoe Detail

I actually do think that this bra offers a fair amount of flexibility in regards to breast shape. As long as the underwires fits flush against your body, I see it accommodating 2-3 sizes larger in the cup depending on the shape of your breasts. I don’t fill it out as much as I’d like to, but I don’t get a “deflated” look either. :P

The matching panty to this set is the Strappy Thong. As of this posting, only the black and purple color ways are available. Like the bra, it is nicely sewn as well. The elastics are a very good quality and silky soft. I took my standard size, a medium. (I can wear a small in some VS styles, but since this is a “cage” style, I opted for comfort and some room for food and skin.) The tanga cost $22.
VS Red Strappy Tanga

You can see some of the hot pink woven into the lace here. There’s also a pretty little bow at the center!
VS Red Strappy Tanga - Detail

If you like the stuff you see at VS, and it comes in your size, GO FOR IT – and without shame! ;) I’m glad I went back to check them out after many years. Although some of their lingerie looks all too familiar for my comfort (ahem, Bordelle…), I do feel that the general direction of their lingerie has drastically improved and is something that I would be happy purchasing. I’ve also been pleased with 90% of the sales associates at the store (fitting notwithstanding), so that’s another positive in my book.

My dreams/hopes/wishes? A collaboration with existing designers – similar to the Target designer lines – but for lingerie. Well, one can only hope! :)
VS Red Halter Set

All items in this post were purchased by me. Victoria’s Secret did not ask nor compensate me for this review. There are no affiliate links within this post.


Can I confess something?

Lately, I’ve been somewhat obsessed with Victoria’s Secret. WHAT IS HAPPENING.

Prior to this month, I have never, ever bought anything from them. Simply put, I did not like their lingerie, nor did I find their designs something I would wear. I found Pink to be terrible and tacky and wondered how sweatpants tracksuit trends were still managing to perform. Who actually buys this stuff?

Apparently, I do.

Apparently, I do.

While I typically prefer smaller and/or independent companies, I realize that the price point and accessibility are typically a pain in the ass. I completely understand the cost of materials and labor, but I would venture to say that most people in the US are unwilling or unable to pay that much for a designer bra for whatever reason. No judgement. I also find myself passing on a lot of things I like because I have to be, you know, responsible.

And when I have more disposable income to purchase something pretty, I find myself getting exasperated with sizing, worrying something won’t fit, and then dealing with a return despite googling and reading every single review I can get my hands on. I typically have the “buying lingerie internationally game down,” but when it comes to brands that are new to me (ahem, Gossard, Kiss Me Deadly), it can be disheartening and expensive, especially when it comes to shipping something overseas with the “new” USPS pricing scheme based on thickness.

Lingerie sizing is unbelievably finicky, so I understand the appeal in purchasing something in person. While Victoria’s Secret is soooooo limited in their sizing, they’re physically there and become an option, if not THE option, for many women. Maybe one day, they will offer more than the standard 32/34/36/38 band with the A/B/C/D/DD cup… Many of their styles don’t even offer that much size variety, either. One bra might come in 9 sizes only. Their website navigation is not the best, and their inventory varies on a near daily basis. I view them as a primary brick and mortar store. If you see something you like, get it because it may not be available online.

As I previously wrote, I hate the overtly sexual marketing campaigns that lingerie companies use. I don’t think Victoria’s Secret is the absolute worst offender, but it’d be nice if they could drop the “Very Sexy” category, which IMO, is a stupid qualifier. I know that they try to sell you an image, even projecting their Angel name on their customers, but let’s be real now.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way…

I’m really digging the direction of their lingerie. I’m liking what I’m seeing and have actually made purchases from the store. While chatting with Leandra, one of the lingerie consultants at my local shop, she informed me that the company has been listening to customer input, and the newer styles are a reflection of that.

While there’s a long way to go, I can get on board with what I’m seeing. I personally wish that Victoria’s Secret would carry other brands, but given how they reclaimed their Designer Lingerie Collection by moving it in-house, I’m afraid that that likelihood is slim to none.

In Part 2, I’ll review my most recent purchases; in fact, the very pieces that got me to shop with them.