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Welp. Daylight Savings Time + move from work have owned me. Coupled with this atypical Southern winter weather that goes from 80 to below freezing in a few days (don’t forget that our boiling summers make up for these winters), all I want to do is lay in bed cocooned in warm blankets while watching Netflix. My house just feels painfully cold, and given my proclivity towards low heating bills, the last thing I want to do is take pictures of lingerie especially while wearing it. Thankfully, we had a brief warm-ish spell last weekend, and I was able to snap some pictures of my newest acquisition…

I’ve always wanted a full-length silk robe, but it always seemed out of my budget. I had thought about making my own robe, but the amount of labor, skill, and cost was enough to prevent me from doing so, too. While browsing around online, I came across Lena, this gorgeous Olivia von Halle robe. Believe it or not, the price was right – affordable compared to what it’d cost me in labor and materials. Without much hesitation, I snapped her up!

(c) Olivia von Halle, Lena Robe.

(c) Olivia von Halle, Lena Robe.

As much as I love the appearance of this garment, I couldn’t figure out why Olivia von Halle was prohibitively expensive. After poking around her website, I realized that her brand was most definitely high-end, favored by hoity-toity fashion magazines, with her clientele including celebrities. Oooh. Fancy~

To be honest, I had expected Olive von Halle’s line to be made in Europe, but my robe was made in China. Don’t get me wrong; this isn’t a bad thing! Items made in China are not inherently of inferior/poor quality. Quick story: when I worked in the shop of that multiple CFDA winner, all of their knits were produced in China. I had inquired about this, and apparently, the knits produced in China were superior to the knits produced by other countries. As such, this designer chose to have his knits exclusively manufactured in China. You can see where this is going… ;) This robe is beautifully made and with equally beautiful finishes. It is comprised of 100% heavyweight luxurious satin silk and is also lined! LINED. (Woooooo!!!) By the way, the stock photo is actually incorrect. True to item description, this robe is snow white.

Sizing for the brand is limited. The size charts are all sorts of weird to me (based on dress size up to a US10 and height…), which made me extremely nervous that this wouldn’t fit me. I purchased a size 2 (S/M) as advised by their chart. I have very broad shoulders and usually have to size up in garments made of woven fabrics. Happily, this fit me quite well, and the length – thanks to the odd size chart – is perfect!

Olivia von Halle - Lena Robe, worn.

Additional notes – I will be honest: the retail price of this robe is completely outside my typical budget. If it weren’t for the fact that I managed to find this during the end of the season, I could never convince myself to purchase it, considering how it costs more than my monthly housing expenses. I am completely in love with this robe, and it’s probably the nicest thing I own! I am glad that this purchase worked out for me! :D

Doesn’t this robe seem a bit… familiar?? ;)

(c) Everlast.

(c) Everlast.

Fine by me since I took some beginning boxing a few years ago anyway. ;)

Lena robe purchased by me. Olivia von Halle did not ask for a review.