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It’s that time of the year again…
Autumn is around the corner!

I love this time of the year even though it takes forever for temperatures to cool down here. I’m still wearing bralettes and booty shorts at home, but this gives me time to prepare. :)

“Prepare for what?” you might ask. Stockings and tights, of course!

While I can appreciate expensive silk hosiery, I’m going to be real: I am incredibly hard on my tights. I try really hard to maintain them, but I always find myself getting snagged on something. I even tore holes in my tights while sitting at my desk. (That’s when I found out there were metal fasteners/hardware underneath the tabletop. Sigh.) And also when they got caught on the zipper from my boots. I just can’t win.

My BFF also has claws, and I don’t want to worry about him ruining a pair of expensive stockings. I already try to discourage him from leaving his fur all over my legs. So what’s a girl to do? Stock up on hosiery that won’t give her a heart attack should she tear or get a run in them. ;)

Enter (not an affiliate link; I do not use affiliate links). So. Much. Affordable. Hosiery. I think they carry some of their own brand, but they also carry familiar brands like Leg Avenue and Music Legs.

Like I previously mentioned, I love the frou frou ridiculous (and trashy ;D) stuff, but hosiery is something I wear regularly during the cooler months – and it needs to still be corporate-office-work appropriate.

I ended up purchasing the following:
Music Legs Thigh-highs in beige: $1.95
Leg Avenue Sheer Thigh-highs in black and beige (2x of each color): $2.95 each
Coquette Back Seam Cuban Heel Stockings 2x: $6.00 each
Leg Avenue Sheer Thigh-highs with Contrast Backseam: $4.95

Yandy Hosiery - Sept 2014

Many of these stockings are available in different colorways, too. I would honestly say that the quality is average/above average depending on the brand. For instance, the Coquette stockings that I’ve been test driving DO snag easily. This isn’t a huge deal breaker, but one must be conscientious; they did catch on my coarse glitter covered shoes.

I also ordered a pair of red sequined heart pasties because why not?! I need one frivolous item, okay? ;)

I’ve never actually worn pasties, and I have some open cupped bras that would look even more awesome with pasties. These are actually pretty well-made, and I’m very happy with the quality, especially for $8.95. My only complaint is that I thought they were reusable; the adhesive is already applied – kind of like a sticker for your boobs. No bother – I’ll figure out a way to make them reusable!

I spent $42.82 inclusive of $5.95 for shipping; this included a 10% discount that was included by clicking on one of their Facebook posts with a promotional link. I placed my order late Sept. 17 and received my order on Sept. 20. The order included some cards, promotional material (including a bumper sticker), and a pair of free panties (average quality) in a pretty organza pink bag.

I’m quite happy with my order and will definitely be a repeat customer! I’ll probably look into hosiery at a higher price point in the future to see if there’s a halfway point between quality and price.

Coquette Faux Cuban Seam Stockings

All items were purchased by me; Yandy did not ask me to write this review nor did they compensate me for it.


I really didn’t mean for so much time to pass between updates! However, I have been dealing with huge computer problems that most likely culminated into losing my hard drive despite all my backups (thanks, FileVault). I had some hardware replaced, but dealing with Mavericks and seeing that iPhoto is no longer part of the OS, it’s been fun: a lot of fun.

Recently, I’ve been very interested in more affordable lingerie options, especially in light of computer repairs and 2 inconclusive vet visits. And honestly, I don’t always want to spend $50 on panties or a bra when I buy lingerie; sometimes I want inexpensive, fun pieces! :)

I’ve always had a special place in my heart for Leg Avenue. Their hosiery and awesomely trashy lingerie got me hooked on undergarments that weren’t white, beige, or black. Lately, Leg Avenue has been putting out some pretty stuff with their Vixen Collection. I really liked a lot of what I saw and found myself browsing through their other items.

After flipping through various online catalogues, this lovely bodysuit caught my eye:
Leg Avenue Bodysuit (86502) - Stock
Image from Rakuten

This is officially called, “Mesh Halter Underwire Teddy with Vintage Girdle Stitching.” It’s style number is 86502. I purchased mine for ~$18 including shipping.

There is visible contrast stitching on the black strap detailing which doesn’t appear in the stock photos or in most photographs taken from afar):
Leg Avenue Bodysuit (86502) - Detail

This bodysuit is sized S, M, L and has lightly padded underwire cups. I purchased the M, and fit-wise, it’s kind of meh. I manage to convince myself every time that underwire cups with general sizing will work on me, but it rarely ever works out. The bodysuit is made of a stretchy soft mesh, which is almost too large on me. However, the cups are too small, the gore doesn’t tack, and the band is too big and stretchy. I probably would size down, but there’s no way that I could get my entire bust into an S. To me, that’s saying something since I *usually* wear a 34B or a 36A…

I bent the wires a bit, so that it would encompass my breast tissue a bit better despite scoop scoop scooping. Since I don’t expect to get any support from this, I am somewhat tempted to cut out the underwires…

I think this bodysuit would be a lot better if there wasn’t an underwire in the bust, especially since it’s sized S, M, and L; it would definitely encompass a lot more sizes, but the bra-top makes it borderline size restrictive. Given that the vixen lingerie collection is sized similarly, I am extremely hesitant to invest into the pieces that have a built-in padded underwire. (The bralettes are also a bit questionable, too, even without the wire. I’ll address this in another review, but the cups end up being too large despite the firm band.)

I do like this bodysuit, but I may make some modifications to it. We’ll see!

Here’s how it looks on me, even with a few pounds I’m carrying thanks to all the poor eating decisions I’ve been making:
Leg Avenue Bodysuit (86502) - Front Pic

I like it styled with the fake leather jacket I studded by hand, though. :D Seems super punk rock, especially when you aren’t wearing pants. :D

Leg Avenue Bodysuit (86502) - Styled
Bodysuit is Leg Avenue, garter is from Beautifully Bound, jacket is some random brand purchased from Marshalls hand-studded by me, and shoes are Melissa.

All items in this post were purchased by me except for the shoes, which were a present from my NY gal, Sue! :D

I’ll be the first to admit that I love fun, trashy lingerie. Most of my lingerie that I first purchased ~five years ago kind of falls into this category.

As a result, Leg Avenue has always had a special place in my heart! It’s so bright and cheerful – borderline eye searing, really – made of soft stretchy mess and lace. The green is more neon lime, but the color is hard to photograph accurately.

Leg Avenue Neo Pink and Green Garter Belt

This neon pink and pink garter belt has always been one of my favorite pieces. It actually came with a matching skimpy neon pink thong, but I ended up throwing it out not too long after since it would barely lay flat and kept rolling.

Although some of Leg Avenue’s stuff is a bit lackluster in quality, a few of their pieces are pretty decent. (But I’m a fan of their hosiery. Affordable and good quality, fits a good range of sizes.)

One thing that I love about this garter belt? It comes with metal clips. I thought that this garter belt would come with plastic clips, so it was a nice pleasant surprise!