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Lingerie (where to buy)

Ultimately, this website serves as a personal archive of what I have acquired over the course of 5+ years. :)

When it comes to higher-end lingerie, cost is unarguably an issue. I primarily purchase my lingerie on sale due to my budget. I can always wait a season or two unless the piece tugs at my heart strings and will be extremely popular where it’ll sell out. I’m usually pretty distracted with work (full-time and part-time), taking care of my home, volunteering, and/or spending time with my family and my cat, so there’s rarely a rush on my end due to a lack of time.

Some people love purses, designer clothes, going out to party/drink, cars, boats, whatever. My interests lie with lingerie, thrift stores, and estate sales – and that’s where most of my disposable income goes – after squirreling some into savings, 401(k), and living expenses. I rarely buy new clothes, hardly go out to eat, and I’m way too old to enjoy the party/drinking scene. :P

I do most of my lingerie shopping online due to selection/price/brands. Believe it or not, I actually went to a super posh boutique in a wealthy part of town, and they didn’t even carry my bra size! And it’s not like my bra size is *that* hard to find: 32D, 34B, or 36A depending on how the bra is sized and made. Even though I purchase most of my lingerie online, I also do find some cute, fun pieces at Marshalls or Ross. :)

Here are the online retailers that I frequent/enjoy shopping with:

Be still my heart. Journelle is THE queen bee retailer of luxury lingerie. They carry many wonderful brands that I adore (they consistently offer the lowest full-price on lingerie), and when they have a sale, it’s pretty mind-blowing: high-quality stuff and not just leftover crap. They offer free shipping and turn around your order quickly in 1-2 business days.

I have been extremely and pleasantly surprised with Glamuse. They carry so many luxurious brands, have a sale section comparable to Journelle’s, AND offer VAT-free shopping for non-EU residents. International orders are shipped via tracked express at for about $30, and I got my order in a few days – beautifully packed, too! Cost seems a bit high, but with the money I saved on VAT and the weight of my order, I thought it was fair. I found a handful of Bordelle pieces that were no longer available elsewhere and filled in a bunch of missing pieces. :) Note: the website is in French, but thanks to a couple of years of high school French, Google translate, and a bit of common sense, ordering online was a breeze.

I’ve picked up a lot of Mimi Holliday from Gilt, but they carry other brands like Hanky Panky. Prices aren’t as low as the Outnet, but they carry a nice selection. I pay for the cheapest shipping, and it gets to me in about a week. Their customer support is amazing and a nice, welcomed surprise from a larger company: friendly, proactive, and overall, phenomenal.

Overall, my experiences with various sellers on eBay have been very positive. I like using it for filling gaps in my collection/purchasing missing pieces from sets that most retailers no longer carry. eBay is also a fave for picking up older collections, especially if the brand is new to me.

La Lilouche
I think Liya is the bees’ knees. Her style is distinctive, and her lingerie is made with topnotch materials. Her customer service is wonderful, and it’s always a pleasure to purchase from her! I think her lingerie is very well-priced given that everything is handmade with her own two hands and essentially, made-to-order AND made-to-measure if required. Liya also has sales on earlier collections.

Ell and Cee
Laura seriously knows how to work silk chiffon. There’s something so ethereal and dream-like about their lingerie and photoshoots. Ell and Cee also has sample sales (keep an eye out for their tweets!) as well as sales on previous collections. Although they do not offer tax-free (VAT-exclusive) shopping, shipping is reasonable for signed and expedited delivery from the UK. Not to many people carry Ell and Cee outside of the UK and/or with reasonable shipping, so if you’re going to get some, I’d recommend buying it directly from them.

All items in this post were purchased by me. I do not use affiliate links.


I swear I have other brands that I love and adore, but since Liya (La Lilouche) only has a few more days left on her Summer Sale, 30% off everything in her shop, I wanted to post one of the newer pieces I purchased a couple months ago.

In my previous life, I swear I must’ve been a magpie. If it’s shiny and covered in sparkles (glitters/sequins – I don’t discriminate!), chances of my wanting it are increased by 75%. I’m also a huge fan of bodysuits; there’s just something so sexy about them. Thank god for Mila, an homage to badass women of the 70s.

I just love everything about this piece. Harness and bodysuit in one? I’m all over it.
Lalilouche Mila Harness

Black and gold sequined panel.
Lalilouche Mila Harness (inset)

Gold-toned hardware + smooth, high-quality elastic.
Lalilouche Mila Harness (hardware)

Okay, so when it comes to bodysuits, I need a way out. Literally. Bodysuits that do not allow me to easily relieve myself are not going to fly, nor am I going to get naked and crawl out of a bodysuit while in the toilet. For me, bodysuits must come with crotch snaps! (Let’s call them what they are.)

After sending Liya a note, I asked if I could get my bodysuit made with snaps, and she happily obliged for no additional charge. I really love the small requests that you can make with handmade companies, especially since everything is made to order; it allows room for reasonable customization without absurd up charges. I was concerned that the snap area would be bumpy, but Liya ensured enough snaps were sewn, so that the bodysuit would lie flat at the crotch

By the way, these snaps are also super cool. They don’t snag and snap shut together easily.
Lalilouche Mila Harness (snaps)

I am wearing a Medium. Liya had my lingerie made within a few days, and I received it a few more days later.

I think this piece is flattering on all body types. The leg openings are cut modestly, and the lines of the piece draw’s one attention through the center of the body to the collarbone. I have broad shoulders, and I don’t feel that they’re a point of focus. This bodysuit balances nicely on the body. Love!

Lalilouche Mila Harness (worn - full) Lalilouche Mila Harness (worn - partial)

Bra is DKNY in 32D (more on this later – I actually wear 36A in La Lilouche and what would be most British brands), and thong is Blush in Medium. All items in this post were purchased by me.

I remember the first time I saw this robe: the cascading black silk, the heart-shaped cut-out, the understated sex appeal.

Lalilouche Sophia Kimono (front)

Lalilouche Sophia Kimono (back)

It was love at first sight! After obsessing over this piece for a few weeks, I pulled the trigger. I ordered a size medium through Bella Bella Boutique. I received notifications as my order processed, and within a couple of weeks + shipping from India, the kimono was delivered into my hands.

Lalilouche Sophia Kimono (sleeve)

La Lilouche is a “designer handmade luxury & bridal lingerie” brand. Liya Amar is the lady behind the label. My robe was still made to order – cut and sewn by Liya herself! You can tell by the construction and stitching that this lingerie isn’t mass produced or finished with so-called serged perfection. I like seeing all the human touches that go into handmade goods: the care, the attention, and the couture finishes.

Lalilouche Sophia Kimono (shoulder seam detail) Lalilouche Sophia Kimono (back seam)  

The kimono is lightly interfaced at the collar, and a thin, grosgrain tie ribbon is sewn inside.

Lalilouche Sophia Kimono (bias tape)  Lalilouche Sophia Kimono (front ties)

It’s hard not to feel super glamorous while wearing this.  The cut is very comfortable and equally flattering! I prefer wearing this during autumn through early spring since the silk is a bit too warm for the humid South. I love the black version, but since I purchased this, Liya has released a powder blue version, Livia, for those who love the color as well as brides to be. :)

Lalilouche Sophia Kimono (worn; front) Lalilouche Sophia Kimono (worn; back)

Liya is currently offering 30% off her Etsy shop during her summer sale, which ends 24 August. Now is a perfect time to snag up some pretties. :)

All items in this post were purchased by me.