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If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s snobbery, especially from the most basic bitches on a private Instagram.  Just because you’ve bought a few pieces of underwear from Agent Provocateur doesn’t mean you know shit.  Like wine and coffee, it all really depends on your taste.  I’ve always been a huge advocate of buying what you like, and no one should ever shame you because of your choices.

Case in point:

Apparently Victoria Secret’s halter bra offended phee_25’s delicate Agent Provocateur sensibilities.

Seriously, you don’t want to be an awful, elitist human being by slut shaming something you don’t like.  Kindly fuck off, Phee_25. Also, as a professional tip, engaging in dickish behavior while representing your company, Agent Provocateur, is in absolute poor taste. AP employees probably have more to worry about than whether or not a competitor’s bra is “slutty.” Because AP stuff is ~never~ perceived as “slutty.” Got it.

I literally don’t care what people say or think, but I do know that some people are more sensitive to some of the feedback that they receive which is intended to cut down and demean. There is nothing wrong with feeling that way. If anything, rude people need a nice cup of STFU instead of telling people to grown a spine because of their snotfaced comments.

I understand that not everyone can afford lingerie and that even if they saved “forever,” they still couldn’t afford it. Honestly, you don’t need to explain yourself to anyone, and if anything, today’s post is for those who are looking for an attractive, affordable option. Buying AP doesn’t mean you’ve made it; it just means that you can spend hundreds of dollars on a bra or a pair of panties. Although I have an extensive lingerie wardrobe, I buy what I like; whether it’s designer or high street/mall fashions, I buy what appeals to me! No shame, no apologies.

Which brings me to my newest acquisition that I ADORE!

Mesh upon mesh upon mesh!

Mesh upon mesh upon mesh!

The top is made in the US, but the bra and knickers are “imported.” I paid about $15 for the top, and about $15 for both the bra and knickers. Some people have already asked where I got them from, and I’m probably going to get some shit for this, but whatevs. I purchased them online at Forever 21.

I’m not going to write an essay about the ethics of shopping at Forever 21 because there are enough articles/posts online address this topic, but I’m also not going to pretend that I don’t ever shop there. What I AM going to say that I’m completely against grotesque hauls regardless of where you shop or what you buy. Personally speaking, everything I buy, I buy with the intention to keep until it literally falls apart on me. That said, some of the F21 stuff I’ve bought in the past has lasted just as long as my designer stuff with similar care.

Now, onto the actual lingerie!

Forever 21 Mesh Set - Flat

Forever 21 Mesh Set – Flat

I purchased the bra in a 34D.  I’ve tried on a few of their bras, and on my body and on my breasts, I find that the cups run small to most unlined styles. I usually wear a 34C but find the 34D to fit the best.  The bra is made of a stretchy black mesh with a thicker “sporty” mesh overlay.  While the “top” overlay portion doesn’t line up flush against the curve of my breast, it really doesn’t bother me, nor does it detract from my overall perception of the bra.  Not all breast shapes will work with each style, and I feel that this is the case with this style.  I feel that this bra is well-made and no different in quality from all mid-tier brands. Also, at this price point, I have zero complaints.  This is available in core sizes, 32A-36D, for $8.90.

Closeup of the mesh overlay on the cups.

Closeup of the mesh overlay on the cups.

As for the knickers, I purchased them in a size large.  I typically wear a medium in bottoms, but for strappy styles, I tend to size up, so that I don’t have too much of a bulging effect.  I am very happy with the fit.  Unfortunately, sizing on the bottoms is a bit more limited, but it goes hand in hand with F21’s demographic and business model.  Like the bra top, I find that the bottoms are very nicely made with the same two types of mesh.  The knickers can be a bit confusing to put on, but it’s easy to figure out where the proper openings are if you work your way from the crotch.  (I know that this sounds super Captain Obvious, but it left me bewildered a couple of times!)  For $5.90, this is a great buy!  Right now, it’s currently on sale for $3.80, final sale.

For those who are interested in the top, this is an online exclusive.  (That said, I actually would recommend purchasing what you like online because stores may carry a different selection.  I went to two shops, and none of them carried this lingerie.) I purchased this in a large for a loose fit – and also because of my broad shoulders. ;)  This is well-made, too, from a four way stretch mesh.  Unlike the bra and knickers, this is made in the US, and the price reflects it.  However, at $14.90, it’s still extremely well-priced!

Without a doubt and with proper care, I see these garments lasting me for awhile and for multiple wears.  I’m very happy with my purchase, and hope this can help some folks who are looking for some more budget-friendly options. :)

To purchase:
Sheer Mesh Top: $14.90
Sheer Mesh Underwire Bra: $8.90
Mesh Crisscross Bikini Panty: $5.90

F21 Mesh Set Stock Photo

All items in this post were purchased by me. Forever21 did not ask for a review. No affiliate links were used. Stockings are Pretty Polly purchased from Target. PS – I also have nothing against AP, but for some weird reason, many of their employees and customers on IG exude some really poor behavior towards others.