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Lately, I’ve been feeling burned out by life. Since my office move, things have felt off. I feel like I’m constantly at war with working/being a responsible adult/being healthy/volunteering/doing chores/writing/trying not to rip my hair out after reading the same old shit on the internet. I’m tired and just over it. I try not to go into terribly boring/personal things on this blog because that stuff is boring. I don’t ever want to post things that aren’t me/bad content just to generate page views. I honestly hope to write a bit more – probably once spring chores are done before the summer comes, scorching everything in sight. I want to say again how much I appreciate my readers, and all the feedback I receive, even if my posts seem to pop up sporadically. :)

This “review” has been on the backburner for awhile. I bought the Dollhouse Bettie French Quarter Cocoon Robe during Black Friday:

(c) Dollhouse Bettie French Quarter Cocoon Robe

(c) Dollhouse Bettie French Quarter Cocoon Robe

An exquisite, airy piece, it’s a glorious tribute to the designs of Paul Poiret, the “King of Fashion.” The robe is well-made, and the seams within the garment are neatly sewn together with no exposed raw edges. The robe itself is comprised of a lovely nylon lace material, and it drapes beautifully on the body. Unfortunately, my raggedy-ass cuticles are prone to snagging on everything, so I’d personally recommend handling this robe with care. If you don’t wash lotion off as soon as you put it on, this may be a non-issue. ;)

I’m 5’4″, so you can see how long this robe is on me (keep in mind that I’m wearing 4-5″ heels, eeeep):

This is how I look on my days off when I'm not eliminating bad guys on secret missions. ;)

This is how I look on my days off when I’m not eliminating bad guys on secret missions. ;)

To be honest, it’s probably one of the most impractical things I own, but I don’t view that as a negative. Why? This robe evokes some pretty strong emotions when worn. Simply put, I feel like such a badass, like I’m the queen of my own kingdom or the best trained secret agent in the world.

I really am respecting what Dollhouse Bettie is doing now. After building themselves up as a reputable company, they’ve launched their own brand of lingerie that – IMO – surpasses most of the 3rd party lingerie they stock in terms of silhouette and design. Moreover, they’re making lingerie that makes women feel amazing about themselves (well, at least this one and my fellow lingerie blogger, Avigayil). And for an extra does of awesome, Dollhouse Bettie lingerie is proudly made in the Bay Area in the USA. *waves flag*

Dear Cocoon Robe, you are my new armor!

No affiliate links were used in this post. I purchased all items in this post. Dollhouse Bettie did not ask for a review.