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Hi, everyone!

Remember when I was whining about summer? The loose pocket of arctic air has turned the South into a frigid wasteland of despair! Okay, so not really, but it’s been super cold that my house without the heater turned on is 47 degrees! That being said, this weekend, temperatures should be rising back to the 70s (wtf) with an alleged high of near 80 on Sunday (double wtf).

In the mean time, I’ve been throwing on 10 lbs of layers until I cracked the warmth code by living in my Uniqlo ultra light down parka. Magical I tell ya. M-A-G-I-C-A-L.

Shopping on the lingerie front has cooled down significantly. The drop in temperature has me preparing for the holidays, so I’ve been busy with other projects. However, here’s a mini-project that I worked on not too long ago.

One of the loveliest lingerie ladies, Kitty, from Kitty in Tulle wrote a wonderful little tutorial to dress up some basic pieces with Swarovski crystals. I love my basics, but sometimes they’re boring. I love sparkly things, but sometimes they can be gaudy. Mixing basics and sparkles? Why, hello there!

I probably should've taken a "before" photo, but trust me, there wouldn't be much to look at it.

I probably should’ve taken a “before” photo, but trust me, there wouldn’t be much to look at it.

My base bra is a Chantelle Rive Gauche. It’s actually my first bra that I ever purchased that properly fit me. :) This is a 32D, but I personally prefer a 34C now for comfort and to maintain the structure and shape of the lace band. (I’ll write a review on Chantelle later, but I find myself preferring 32D for styles that are unlined.)

Detail to show lace pattern and close up of crystals.  (Colors not accurate.)

Detail to show lace pattern and close up of crystals. (Colors not accurate.)

Like Kitty, I used Gem-Tac adhesive. I bought mine at Michaels, but you can probably get this at Joann’s or Hobby Lobby as well. Or if you’re lucky, your local craft store! I didn’t want to deal with an industrial glue like E-6000, so I opted for Gem-Tac. I purchased my crystals on eBay from the seller bestfinding. I purchased flat backs in Golden Shadow in the following sizes: SS5 and SS7. For 200 stones (100 of each size), I paid $12.15 inclusive of free shipping. (For the record, I was very happy with my purchase: the seller shipped my crystals quickly, and I received my order in one week from Hong Kong.)

I followed the lace pattern and used a toothpick to dot the glue and then topped it off with a crystal while using tweezers. At first, I was afraid that the Gem-Tac wouldn’t hold, but the glue seems pretty sturdy once dry/cured. Just make sure you get the edges, so that the crystals won’t pop off if the edges get snagged. As for care and cleaning, I would recommend handwashing.

What else can I say? I love my bra even more now! In the light, the Swarovski stones just sparkle and glitter. It reminds me a deep nighttime sky with stars! I’m a HUGE fan. I got to do my knickers now, too… :)

Thanks for the awesome tutorial, Kitty!

(All items were purchased by me. I found bestfinding on eBay while googling for affordable Swarovski crystals that didn’t require me to buy 5000 of them; I was the happiest with her selection and prices. Seller and Michaels did not ask for a review or compensate me for one.)