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You know when the best laid plans go awry? That was me last week. After setting up some personal goals, which included more posts to this little journal, I ended up with one of the worst colds ever. I took some time off from work and just slept.

This weekend, however, I had some time to take some pictures. Unfortunately, it’s been super rainy and overcast, so this is as good as it’s going to get. ;)

At the end of March, I snapped up Blue Reign’s limited Forget Romeo gift set that comprised of a faux leather collar, sleep mask, harness, and pasties. After its voyage from the UK to the US where it sat in Chicago customs for two weeks (seriously, does anyone work there), this set was finally mine! I am pleased to say that it came to me with an appropriate, non-embarrassing customs label. :)

Blue Reign BoxBlue Reign Box Open

The packaging of this set is top notch: all items were neatly placed in the stamped box and tucked with a sheet of Blue Reign-printed vellum paper. Each item had a labelled hang tag that was safety pinned to each piece. A company postcard and handwritten thank you note were additional nice touches. Blue Reign also included a reusable mesh bag with my order, which appears to be a surprise free gift. This item was nicely made with neat stitches, and I’m a sucker for reusable fabric storage bags!

Blue Reign Pouch

First and foremost, the faux leather smells of mothballs. I’ve noticed that certain synthetic materials typically have some sort of odor from storage, but this should resolve itself if washed with soap and water and then properly aired out/hung to dry. This isn’t a bad thing, but it’s worth noting if you are extremely sensitive to smells.

The sleeping mask has a good weight/feel in the hand: thick and plush. The one I received in this box is similar to the Dynasty Sleep Mask, but it is not quilted. The elastic is of a good quality and can be adjusted to accommodate a range of head sizes. The edges of the sleeping mask is bound with elastic. Although the binding wasn’t perfect and in some spots, the stitches were sewn a bit towards the center of the binding instead of the edge, I am satisfied with this piece. I can barely keep sleeping masks on my face when I sleep anyway and have lost one in bed, so this isn’t something I would nitpick on “perfection.”

Sleeping mask - soft side up!

Sleeping mask – soft side up!

As for the pasties, I did have some quality issues with the pair I received. However, Blue Reign was extremely friendly and apologetic about this and offered to send me a new pair after we discussed some design tweaks. I can, without a doubt, highly recommend their excellent customer service! Since I’m not in a rush to receive the pasties, this review will leave them out. (Quick note: Blue Reign included some double sided tape with the pasties. To me, this is another nice, thoughtful touch when items are “ready to use” out of the box.)

Now, onto the heart and soul of this review: the collared, detachable harness. To me, these are the best pieces in this little gift box. The harness design is basic, but paired with the collar, it becomes a fun, unique piece that doesn’t look like the other 5 million harnesses currently in existence. The collar is very well-made, and all of the stitches are on point. I love the gold hardware that’s used on this piece: from the snap button closure all the way to the sharp, embellished gold corners.

Blue Reign Collar + Harness

I found that the length of this collar was actually quite perfect on me. According to the website, the circumference is 46cm. However, if you need more length, I would drop Blue Reign a note! I did find that wearing this collar did make me quite warm due to the nature of the material. Like, don’t wear this at a festival in Texas during the summer; it just won’t be smart or pleasant. On the flip side, I can see myself wearing this in Vegas while playing the slots or catching a show!

The harness cannot be worn by itself since the top strap connects onto a sewn loop in the collar. I’m totally okay with this because what makes this look is, IMHO, the collar. The harness does offer a lot of adjustment/room in the rib cage and should fit many sizes, but if you have any concerns or feel that you might be outside the range, just email Blue Reign for great and fast CS!

Overall, I’m happy with the items I purchased, and I couldn’t be any more pleased with their service. I love their aesthetic (still in love with this gorgeous quilted bra) and am excited to see more of their work in the future! The Forget Romeo gift set is no longer available, but each individual piece can be purchased separately from Blue Reign in their online shop.

Forever losing, battle of daylight.

Forever losing, battle of daylight.

All items were purchased by me. Blue Reign did not ask for a review. No affiliate links were used.

I’m 31 and have never had a Valentine. Apparently, this is a very big holiday for lingerie companies and for many consumers. I usually buy myself lingerie presents throughout the year, so Valentine’s Day barely makes a blip on my radar. I’m not jaded about Valentine’s Day and think it’s cute if people wish to celebrate it. While I wouldn’t necessarily want chocolate – just kidding, I’d totally dive face first into a box of candy; nix the card, though – I would LOVE to receive lingerie as a present! Since I don’t see my default Valentine (the cat) surprising me with anything other than the occasional pool of grassy barf, I want to buy myself a ~*special*~ Valentine’s Day gift.

If you’ve been on Instagram this past year, you’ve probably seen all the wonderful behind-the-scenes photographs for new brand Blue Reign, created by the talented Alyx. More info about herself and the brand will be available on their website soon! I still remember when they were in the early stages of brand development and introducing themselves on social media. Blue Reign has since launched their highly anticipated collection, and I am excited to see where 2015 takes them. I’ve been feeling bored with a lot of the lingerie that’s been released, but Blue Reign has been such a huge breath of fresh air! I love the edginess of this brand without the typical trendy/strappy bondage details.

While I LOVE their dynasty quilted bra (look at that fit… and the fabric was hand-quilted by Blue Reign!), I’m taking a hiatus on buying fitted/sized bras from new brands for now. However, I love accessories, and Blue Reign happily delivers with their limited edition Forget Romeo gift set. This beautifully boxed gift comes with the following: detachable faux leather collar + harness, sleeping mask, and pasties.

Blue Reign Forget Romeo Gift Set; (c) Blue Reign.

Blue Reign Forget Romeo Gift Set; (c) Blue Reign.

I think accessories are a great introduction to a brand, particularly when sizing can be extremely restrictive. I think that this set also offers a good sampling of products that reflect what Blue Reign is in this collection.

At £55, this gift set is a steal, especially when compared to other brands of this caliber. I typically do not write about products until I’ve purchased them, but this set is only available for purchase until March 4th; after that date, each item comprising this set will be sold separately on the website. I will be placing my order for this item within the next week, and I truly look forward to receiving this gift!

I’ve purchased myself a few Valentine’s Day gifts, but this is the one that I’m most excited about. :) What about you? Any new Valentine’s Day lingerie on its way to you? For those of you who celebrate Valentine’s Day, I hope that you and your loved one(s) have a wonderful day!

+ Blue Website
+ Forget Romeo Gift Set
+ Website is beautifully designed and has a ton of information/specifics about their products.
+ Shipping to the US for the Forget Romeo Gift Set is £10.
+ Faux leather components are vegan/vegetarian-friendly!

No affiliate links were used. Blue Reign did not ask for me to write this review, nor did they compensate me for it. I will be purchasing this gift set for myself soon!