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Thank you all for the positive reception on my previous post! While it saddens me that so many people have had similar problems in their shopping experiences, I’m also glad that I’m not alone in how I feel. Hopefully some lingerie companies will listen up! And if not, well, there are many brands who are offering us what we’re looking for. :)

The weather has been gorgeous today, and of course, we get 80 degree temps when it isn’t the weekend. Sigh. While I loathe our mosquito-ridden summer, I’m truly getting super sick of the humid, damp cold and rain. I’m dreaming of a delightfully warm, sunny afternoon where I can lounge underneath an umbrella on the beach or sit near a pool with a big floppy hat and coconut in hand.

None of these scenarios, however, would be complete if I didn’t have a cute swimsuit on. After poking around on ASOS, I was surprised to see that they carried Playful Promises’ swimwear and was shocked that for some inexplicable reason, I completely missed their swimwear collection last year. How did this happen?! Did I fall asleep during the spring/summer?? Apparently yes.

Ever since their 2012 collection that incorporated my spirit animal, the flamingo, I’ve always looked forward to their swimwear offerings. Thankfully, ASOS has quite a bit of their 2014 collection at incredible prices – starting at $4-7 for bikini tops and bottoms. Yeah, I know you want to go get you some! (I weep that I was unable to get the flamingo printed bikini offering for 2014.)

My absolute faaaaavorite is this Pastel Fruit Snake Cut Out Monokini:

Picture (c) ASOS.

Picture (c) ASOS.

Monokinis are weird. Firstly, I think the word genuinely sounds terrible, on par with “moist.” :S Secondly, the concept makes no sense to me. Why not just buy a bikini or a one-piece, why this somewhat-one-piece-attacked-with-scissors that will inevitably lead to funky tan lines? But for some reason, I’ve ALWAYS wanted one, and I finally found THE ONE.

Apologies (again) for the poor lighting.  I just can't make it home in time to get pictures during the weekday!  ;(

Apologies (again) for the poor lighting. I just can’t make it home in time to get pictures during the weekday! ;(

Although the cut-out is over the stomach, the swimsuit is actually quite flattering. I actually like how it reads more as a one-piece, especially when I’m trying out a new style. The straps are detachable, which make it easy for laundering without dealing with a mess of string and knots. Despite the detachable straps, this suit couldn’t be worn strapless unless one used some double-sided tape to keep it up! While the monokini fits me well in the body – not too tight and not too loose, I found the bust area to be a bit large on me. If you have larger breasts, this swimsuit should be able to accommodate them (but probably won’t offer much support above a D cup). I’m not too worried about the bust area since the straps will hold everything into place.

I’m a huge fan of the print. I really love food, and I really love lingerie, so this is a match made in heaven. ;) But seriously, I love the dream-like feeling of this print and adore all of the finer details like the pink outline on the pineapple:

Fruit salad!

Fruit salad!

Despite my extreme phobia and dislike of snakes, I actually quite like the gold-toned snake charm that adorns the gore which also matches the gold-toned hardware that connects the straps to the swimsuit. It has a nice weight to it, which gives this monokini a “luxe” feeling. The picture below makes the charm a bit yellower than it is in real life – sorry about that!

Playful Promises Monokini Snake

I can’t wait to see what Playful Promises is offering for 2015, and I’ll be sure to not miss it this year! I’m super excited about this monokini and can’t wait to wear it on a tropical holiday, or more realistically, while sitting in the hot tub and sauna at the YMCA. :P

At the time of this posting, this swimsuit is selling for USD ~$14.00 and is currently available in all sizes XS-XL. ASOS and Playful Promises did not ask me to write this review. All pieces were purchased by me, and no affiliate links were used.

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