I remember when I first saw Tiffany’s tights featured on Refinery29. Thanks to the internet, her beautiful tights became a viral sensation, and it seemed like everyone and their mom wanted a pair. Being short on disposable income at the time, I bookmarked her Etsy shop, BZRshop, and waited until I could buy some of her legwear without feeling guilty.

In Electric (discontinued), Flamingo (discontinued), Sunset, & Sky.

In Electric (discontinued), Flamingo (discontinued), Sunset, & Sky.

That day finally came a few months ago, and boy, was I glad to see that BZR was alive and thriving! Not too many businesses would be capable of handling all the new found attention and demand, but Tiffany hammered through it like a champ and is now a successful small business owner, woo! I can’t help but cheer so hard for her because she’s a WOC like me, and it’s so encouraging to see diversity in fashion. :)

I’ve placed two orders, and both times, I’ve been quite pleased with my transactions. Shipping was prompt; one order shipped out in a couple of days, another took longer. Both orders shipped within the time frame, and if you’re in a rush, you can drop Tiffany a note for ETA.

BZR tights come beautifully packaged in translucent silver mylar bags with a sticker identifying the colorway. I usually don’t care for packaging since I recycle everything, but I love how clean and sleek the packaging is! So far, I’ve kept it. :) Also included with each pair of tights is a care card and a coupon code to redeem on future purchases.

Colorway: Sky

Colorway: Sky

The tights are hand-dyed and have a gorgeous ombre effect. I’ve looked everywhere (seriously) on the internet, and there is no other company out there who has produced such a high-quality ombre effect on their tights. The tights are also made in the USA and are comprised of a nylon/spandex blend, 50 denier. They are wonderfully thick and stretchy!

The size chart is as follows:

US –
Small: 5′-5’2″, size 0-2, weight 100-120lbs
Medium: 5’3″-5’6″, size 2-6, weight 120-135lbs
Large: 5’7″-5’10”, size 4-8, weight 135-150lbs
Tall: 5’9″ – 6’1″, size 4-10, weight 135-175lbs

Small: 152cm- 159cm, 45kg-54kg
Medium: 160cm-168cm, 55kg-62kg
Large: 169cm-178cm, 63kg-70kg
Tall: 175cm-186cm, 63kg-80 kg

Ladies and gents, you all know how much I hate general size charts. HATE. I ended up emailing Tiffany for more information. She was very helpful, but I know how subjective fit can be especially on all types of bodies. I typically wear a US size 6/8 (8 primarily since I prefer fitted silhouettes) and currently weigh about 150lbs. I was leaning towards Large, but being a decidedly short 5’4″ and having owned two pairs of tights that were also sized by height, I opted for Medium. I’ve owned tights that were too long, and suffice it to say, I rarely wear them due to how baggy and saggy they get at the foot.

Medium was the best choice for me. I still had an additional bit of stretch in terms of length if I needed it, and they fit me very well without digging into the waist. I am also proud to report that I neither felt like a sausage being squeezed into a casing nor did I feel my circulation was being threatened – yay! In my opinion, I would recommend taking the size based on height vs. weight. I think maximum stretch in waist measurement would actually be helpful instead of sizing by weight because body compositions are not the same. BZR offers tall sizes, too, but it appears that they are temporarily unavailable since Tiffany is switching suppliers.

Here’s how these tights look in Sunset:

Sunset, front view. (Shoes are discontinued Nine West.)

Sunset, front view. (Shoes are discontinued Nine West.)

Sunset, side view.  Fun, huh? :D

Sunset, side view. Fun, huh? :D

And here they are in Electric (discontinued since it was a limited color – sorry!):

Electric, front view.  (Shoes are discontinued Steve Madden.)

Electric, front view. (Shoes are discontinued Steve Madden.)

Electric, side view.

Electric, side view.

I took these with morning light on a rainy day, so apologies again for some graininess!

Each pair of BZR tights is $40. However, Tiffany does offer “imperfect” tights at a discounted rate in the range of $20-30 (there are none available at the time of publishing this post). Both pairs featured in this review were picked up during a listing of “imperfect” pairs, and to be honest, I love them just as much as the “perfect” ones. I’m also not picky and any variations to me are just the nature of hand-dyeing, but I know some customers are more particular about this. If you’re looking for some ace quality-control, you’ll find it here.

If you need a bit of color to brighten up a bleak, dreary winter, wear some rainbows on your legs! Until Monday, February 9, 2015, BZR is offering 20% off all products in their Etsy shop.

BONUS: All BZR tights smell like bubble gum – straight up delicious bubble gum without a cloying or headache-inducing fragrance (and this is coming from someone who thinks most perfumes/fragrances/scented-anything smells bad). This scent doesn’t last forever, but it sure is nice opening a pair of tights that doesn’t smell like chemicals or cancer. The bubble gum scent is a nice touch to a cheery product!

All products in this post were purchased by me. No affiliate links were used. Tiffany/BZR did not ask for a review of their products.

It’s that time of the year again…
Autumn is around the corner!

I love this time of the year even though it takes forever for temperatures to cool down here. I’m still wearing bralettes and booty shorts at home, but this gives me time to prepare. :)

“Prepare for what?” you might ask. Stockings and tights, of course!

While I can appreciate expensive silk hosiery, I’m going to be real: I am incredibly hard on my tights. I try really hard to maintain them, but I always find myself getting snagged on something. I even tore holes in my tights while sitting at my desk. (That’s when I found out there were metal fasteners/hardware underneath the tabletop. Sigh.) And also when they got caught on the zipper from my boots. I just can’t win.

My BFF also has claws, and I don’t want to worry about him ruining a pair of expensive stockings. I already try to discourage him from leaving his fur all over my legs. So what’s a girl to do? Stock up on hosiery that won’t give her a heart attack should she tear or get a run in them. ;)

Enter (not an affiliate link; I do not use affiliate links). So. Much. Affordable. Hosiery. I think they carry some of their own brand, but they also carry familiar brands like Leg Avenue and Music Legs.

Like I previously mentioned, I love the frou frou ridiculous (and trashy ;D) stuff, but hosiery is something I wear regularly during the cooler months – and it needs to still be corporate-office-work appropriate.

I ended up purchasing the following:
Music Legs Thigh-highs in beige: $1.95
Leg Avenue Sheer Thigh-highs in black and beige (2x of each color): $2.95 each
Coquette Back Seam Cuban Heel Stockings 2x: $6.00 each
Leg Avenue Sheer Thigh-highs with Contrast Backseam: $4.95

Yandy Hosiery - Sept 2014

Many of these stockings are available in different colorways, too. I would honestly say that the quality is average/above average depending on the brand. For instance, the Coquette stockings that I’ve been test driving DO snag easily. This isn’t a huge deal breaker, but one must be conscientious; they did catch on my coarse glitter covered shoes.

I also ordered a pair of red sequined heart pasties because why not?! I need one frivolous item, okay? ;)

I’ve never actually worn pasties, and I have some open cupped bras that would look even more awesome with pasties. These are actually pretty well-made, and I’m very happy with the quality, especially for $8.95. My only complaint is that I thought they were reusable; the adhesive is already applied – kind of like a sticker for your boobs. No bother – I’ll figure out a way to make them reusable!

I spent $42.82 inclusive of $5.95 for shipping; this included a 10% discount that was included by clicking on one of their Facebook posts with a promotional link. I placed my order late Sept. 17 and received my order on Sept. 20. The order included some cards, promotional material (including a bumper sticker), and a pair of free panties (average quality) in a pretty organza pink bag.

I’m quite happy with my order and will definitely be a repeat customer! I’ll probably look into hosiery at a higher price point in the future to see if there’s a halfway point between quality and price.

Coquette Faux Cuban Seam Stockings

All items were purchased by me; Yandy did not ask me to write this review nor did they compensate me for it.