Corset / Waspie

Happy September, but moreover, Happy Labor Day to my fellow Americans!

A new month signals a new beginning and a new start. I’ve pretty much been stuffing my face full with all sorts of delicious bad foods these past couple months (and spending too much money on eating out), and it’s really time for me to clean it up and start feeling better about myself. No regrets, though!

Since I had a day off today, in between all of the cooking and attempts at cleaning, I figured why not don some Playful Promises?

This brand started my foray into British (and nicer) lingerie. I purchased the Miss American Pie Bra and Brief set in 2009, but Playful Promises has released it in various color ways and has referred to it as the “silk corsage” set.
Playful Promises Miss American Pie (set)

Closeup of the rose:
Playful Promises Miss American Pie (rose closeup)

It’s a pretty, bright, true-red soft bra/panty set made of 100% silk. I purchased a size small in both top and bottoms, and both fit me well. The fit is relaxed and loose. There isn’t much, if any, support in the bra, but I don’t expect it from a piece like this. To me this is loungewear, perfect for those insufferable hot summer days.

Elastic sewn inside the lingerie (color not accurate – focused to shown detail):
Playful Promises Miss American Pie (elastic)

One thing that I’m not crazy about is the fact that the hardware is clear translucent plastic. I haven’t bought a corsage set in awhile, so maybe this has changed. If not, it isn’t a deal breaker! (Color is also inaccurate in this photo, too.)
Playful Promises Miss American Pie (hardware)

Anyway, the heart of this review is the Romance Plum Waspie. It’s been around in the shop for awhile, and it’s been on sale every now and then.

Playful Promises Romance Plum Waspie

Unlike some of the corsets Playful Promises offers, this one is made with steel boning. The steel is still super flexible, and it wears very comfortably without the waspie digging into your waist. I purchased this one in a large and am quite happy with the fit. I’m not a huge tight lacer, and my waist is definitely not the smallest part of me. I’m still not able to lace it up fully without the modesty panel showing, but that’s not a big deal for me. This laces up easily compresses all my squishy bits comfortably.

To me, this waspie is more navy than plum. It has a nice iridescence and sheen in the light. The eyelash lace is also dainty and delicate. :)
Playful Promises Romance Plum Waspie (closeup)

I love Playful Promises soft bras! They offer lovely lingerie options at a more affordable price point, and it’s nice to see luxurious fabrics like silk integrated in their lingerie line.

As for their underwire/structured bras, I’m not a fan because they don’t fit me at all. In most British brands, I wear a 36A. After tweeting to them about making more 36A bras available, they responded that they don’t make bras in that size. Ahhh! I have a 34B bra that I purchased from them years ago that is way too tight in the band and equally way too short in the shoulders. One day, I’ll alter this bra to make it wearable. :)

By the way, I’m wearing my dollar store lipstick in “cherry red” that was creamy, applied nicely, has a sweet vanilla taste to it. L.A. Colors – you did not fail! ;)
Playful Promises (worn)

All items in this post were purchased by me.