About Me

I’m in my 30s and reside in the South with a big, misbehaved-but-sweet lynx point Siamese cat. This little space here is for me to blather on incessantly about all the pretty things! :)

I love handmade goods, specifically lingerie, clothing, and housewares. I adore books, food, and animals of all sorts! :D I work at a technical firm and volunteer in a mentorship program for kids.  In my spare time, I enjoy handsewing, cooking, going to estate sales, and sharing my favorite brands and pieces from the “lingerie box,” my collection that I started over 8 years ago.

About This Site

Although I make note of this at the end of each post, I am not sponsored by any company; nor am I compensated by any company to post an entry. I do not use affiliate links. This place is for me to write and talk about lingerie-related things that interest me – a hobby if you will! (I have absolutely nothing against blogs that are sponsored or use affiliate links as long as they disclose this information.) WordPress may have an advertisement at the end of each post, but I do not gain financially from this.

My journal name is from August Kleinzahler’s “Secondary Sexual Characteristics.” Check out his poetry; it’s very good and lyrical to my ears! Not related to lingerie, but hey, I LIKE IT.


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