Wishlist: Keeping the Dream 2016, Part 1

Do you have a lingerie wishlist? Like, a real wishlist instead of a shopping list? For me, I’ve never really had one until last year when I literally started writing down what I wanted in a paper journal. I’ve gotten a lot better with the impulsive/sale lingerie and have reached the point where I’m willing to pay full price for something that I like or want. (It has taken me about 8 years to finally reach that point – no joke.) A lot of it has to do with not wanting to hoard lingerie and/or be surrounded by things I’m not really fond of or of things I don’t wear. I’d rather have the money instead and put it towards visiting all my lingerie honeys. ❤︎

Anyway, back to the wishlist. I like having a wishlist! It really makes me think long and hard about whether or not this is something I love vs. a passing fancy. (A good test is, “would I pay full price for it?”) I tend to have super obsessive tendencies that are temporary, but thus far, everything on this list has captured my heart. I would eventually love to buy everything on my list (and the intention of this list is to hopefully make that happen), so here’s to sticking to the path. ;)

Alexandrea Anissa

Alexandrea Anissa Kitten Bralette, (c) Hana Haley.

Alexandrea Anissa Kitten Bralette, (c) Hana Haley.

My dear friend Charging Sky is a huge fan of Alexandrea Anissa, and that’s how I was introduced to Vanessa’s brand! (Seriously, if there was a patron of AA, it’d be her.) She looked amazing in all of her pieces, but my absolute favorite on her was the Kitten bralette, which she has worn also as outerwear. This puppy has been on wishlist forever, and remember those obsessive tendencies? Yeah, I wouldn’t shut up about it. My cries were heeded by my other dear friend Technicolor Lover, who gave me a gift card to AA to make my kitten dreams come true. My bralette was sent to work, and I’ll be receiving her on Monday. This is literally the *only* situation where I wish Monday would come sooner. Wishlist: CHECK!

Dottie’s Delights

Dottie's Delights Bow Playsuit, (c) Kimberly Capriotti.

Dottie’s Delights Bow Playsuit, (c) Kimberly Capriotti.

Ever since I saw the perpetually adorable Thigh Highs and Glitter review the Dottie’s Delights Mosh Bow Bodysuit I wanted it. Soooooo bad. I love how the mesh is stretchy, so I really could wear this while eating tacos and not resort to cutting myself out of it after. I really love how the bow applique provides coverage for the nips, but I’m even more in love with the coverage for the bottoms. Seriously, not everyone takes it all off, and I hate it when styles seems targeted towards women who shave/wax all of their pubes.

Caveat: I don’t think this comes with crotch snaps, which are almost a requirement for every bodysuit I purchase, but I’ll plead/beg/pay an upcharge before purchasing to see if this can happen because a girl’s gotta pee without getting naked in a dirty-ass bathroom stall with no TP, without toppling over in heels. (Sorry, this entire “move it to one side” isn’t going to cut it anymore, especially when you’re fumbling in your purse for napkins.)

Hopeless Lingerie

Hopeless Dana Top & Knickers, (c) Hopeless Lingerie.

Hopeless Dana Top & Knickers, (c) Hopeless Lingerie.

Although a lot of lingerie silhouettes are far from original, Hopeless has some of the cleverest and distinct lingerie “cut outs” that I have ever seen. Gaby’s recent collection Ghosts has me so very, very excited. My eyeballs almost fell out of their eye sockets! I hadn’t been this excited since Phases, specifically about the Valentina bodysuit and neoprene pieces. (I wish this collection would be remade; I didn’t have the funds or time to acquire anything from Phases because I bought my damned house, waaaaah.)

The Dana top and Dana knickers is so well-designed; I love how it has the feel of the bodysuit and looks just as good from the back as it does from the front.

I actually don’t know if this set would look good on my body type because my broad shoulders may be further emphasized by the cutouts, but I don’t care. The Dana top is just so perfect in every single way, and paired with the matching knickers, I’m in love!

Part 2 to come, but tell me, if you’d like to share, what’s on your wishlist? Word of mouth can be a dangerous thing, but suffice it to say, thanks to the internet and social media, I’ve seen so many wonderful things that I wouldn’t have seen otherwise!

  1. Khadijah said:

    I love the idea of a lingerie wishlist! It makes a lot more sense in the long run as well, as you’re supporting designers by paying full price and you have things you actually love, instead of passing infatuations. I’m about to have an actual career (nursing!) so the idea of making an actual physical list of things I love and want to save up to purchase is so inspiring to me. I also love love love the kitten bralette. Cannot wait to see your review!

    • Miss Mew said:

      Hi, Khadijah, congratulations on embarking on a new career! Nursing is such a wonderful choice, and at least in the US, opens up a lot of opportunities. :) I fall for passing infatuations all too regularly, so a wishlist really reels it in. I got my Kitten bralette, and I can’t wait to share it, too! Thanks for stopping by and leaving such a sweet comment – it really makes my day!

  2. Trish said:

    I don’t have an actual physical wish list but I have been dreaming of owning a Catherine D’lish robe and Hopeless Lingerie for ages

  3. tfern79 said:

    So far on my lingerie wish list I have the Short Dressing Robes from Dottie’s Delights (color doesn’t matter I just have to have one!) and to find an awesome fitter who can finally tell me what the size I’m supposed to be in LOL!!

    • Hello! Thanks for coming by and leaving two awesome comments on my blog – I’m so sorry that I haven’t had time to approve. A good bra fitter is SO hard to find, but I hope that everyone can have a positive experience at least once in their lifetime. That said, if you were near me, I’d be more than happy to pass on suggestions on what would constitute good fit (but anything I say isn’t a mandate!). :) Only you know your body the best.

      I don’t know where you’re located, but I know certain boutiques like Dear Scarlett and Secrets From Your Sister can help! They’re both super friendly and helpful on social media, and I know that they’d love to help out people out. I’m not sure if any of them Skype, but I know that some of my friends have had good experiences contacting them via email.

      The Dottie’s Delights robes are lovely! So many people I know are coveting one, and they seem perfect for the summer. :)

      • tfern79 said:

        Ack!!! I’m just seeing your message!!

        I’m in Phoenix, AZ :) I so dream of the day where bra shopping is as easy as picking out my coffee LOL!!!

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