Lingerie Paydays + Newfound Motivations

In order to recommit myself to a healthy lifestyle, I decided to integrate my lingerie purchases into a rewards-based system that motivates me to get my butt to the gym.  I haven’t been feeling like the best version of myself for the past year, and my clothes have gotten uncomfortably tight.  Plus, working out has felt like the most tedious chore.  Since last week, I’ve made the gym a mile away from me my primary gym and have experimented with a split workout.  While health is important, it’s honestly not enough to get me out of bed at 5:15AM; however, a lingerie payday (ahem, “bribe”) will!

While I typically dislike rewards-based systems, this actually works very well for me, especially since I don’t see or feel many physical benefits until the 4 week mark.  Weeks 1-3 are usually difficult for me since I get extremely discouraged, fade into half-assing it, and then ultimately end up sabotaging myself.  I’m hoping that these benchmarks rewards will keep me right on track, and so far, they have!

Week 1 went quite well, but I was doing a program I disliked, but I committed to completing the first week — and I did!  I ended up researching some other programs and found one that suited me a lot better, so a new Week 1 started and shall be wrapping up tomorrow. I’m currently enjoying it even though I’m sitting like a floppy fish with nearly every single part of my body screaming out in sheer pain. Right now, I feel super bloated, unattractive, and lacking some self-esteem, but I’m going to hang in there.  I want these positive changes and good habits.  Also… LINGERIE PAYDAY.  (It’s kind of scary just how motivating a bribe can be. :p)

The program is 12 weeks, so my purchases will be spread out over this time period, through July.  I’ve cut back on a lot of spending (furniture/home decor/lingerie/eating out/etc), so my funds will be pooled into this 12 week project. ;)

Week 1: Maison Close Douce Provocation
Push-up bra + knickers.  Unfortunately, the basic panty sold out, so I’ll be purchasing the ouvert style.  This will be one of my “basic” sets that I’ll wear to work without much discomfort. :)

(c) Maison Close.

(c) Maison Close.

Week 3: Still debating on this but I’m leaning towards a Claudette bra. Still unsure but I already own the knickers…  I dunno.  Even if no lingerie purchases happen, I’ll be hitting the town with my dear Charging Sky as I finally go to Vegas as an adult!  Eh, I’ll consider face planting at Bacchanal a reward in and of itself. :)

Week 6: William Wilde Dairy Queen
Belle latex bow bra + Belle hipster knix. I’m not a huge fan of pastel blues, but this set is just stunning and spoke to me. :D I love the bows on the bottoms! <3

(c) William Wilde.

(c) William Wilde.

Week 9: William Wilde Revue Set
Why, yes, more William Wilde. :D I just adore William’s stuff! I love how elegant this latex set is, especially with the beige and black contrast. I am hoping that I can look as effortlessly gorgeous as Miss Deadly Red.

(c) William Wilde.

(c) William Wilde.

Week 12: Catherine D’Lish Dressing Gown
YOU GUYS, THIS IS WHAT GETS ME UP EVERY SINGLE MORNING. NO JOKE.  After receiving my dusty rose ostrich gown last month (thanks, tax return), I want another one so badly. Every time I see Catherine post another one of her gowns online, I have to physically restrain myself from purchasing one because “responsible adult.” I’m not sure what style or color I want yet, so consider this magnificent grey marabou creation as a temporary placeholder. :)

(c) Catherine D'Lish.

(c) Catherine D’Lish.

By the way, for those who are curious, I’m training with Jim Stoppani’s Shortcut to Size.  4 day split + 3 days of active rest + not going to the gym 2x/day as the program progresses = happy clam.  Jim’s videos have been awesome and helpful as I navigate through unfamiliar gym equipment.  I’d been lacking structure and order to my haphazard workouts for too long, so a structured split workout (something I’ve never tried before) has been 100% different compared to the full body barbell workouts I’d been doing before.  I’m definitely impressed thus far with the quality of the program considering that it’s free! :)

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  1. How did I forget to comment… *bops self*. I love all your choices and my favourites are the week 9 set and the week 12 (of course). I am always nervous about PVC/latex so I would love to hear how easy/difficult it is to get into and maintain. Also, is it comfortable?

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