Handmade Lingerie: OhhhLulu Jane Knickers

My apologies for not writing more these past couple of months! I had this post typed out explaining a temporary sabbatical until the new year, but alas… Time evaded me. I spent most of November and December doing a lot of holiday sewing and handmade present creations… In addition to packing on some pounds. ;P

I’m in the midst of some new year’s cleaning, so before things die down even more quietly on my end, I wanted to share a small project I had been working on a few weeks back: handmade lingerie! (This post is super late, I know. I posted these on Instagram awhile ago, eeeeeeeep.)

As some of you know, I enjoy sewing. While I’ve sewn things for my home, I like to hand-sew with felt or embroider. For those of you who follow me on my primary Instagram account or old, sorely outdated blog, you’ve seen some of my work. I figured that since I’m undertaking some handmade sewing relevant to lingerie, I’ll post some of my projects here!

First up, a pair of knickers using OhhhLulu’s Jane pattern. :)

Ohhhlulu Jane Knickers

Surprisingly, this pattern was pretty simple, even though I found the directions incredibly difficult to understand while perusing them; however, while actually doing the sewing, the directions magically made sense. I do wish that they were a bit more detailed and with better photographs, though. The pattern was not very hard, but the skills needed (like fussing about with elastics) makes it a bit more difficult. I really like this pattern because it uses woven fabrics cut on a bias, so if you aren’t familiar sewing with knits or have a machine that eats knits for breakfast, this is for you!

This is the first time I’ve sewn lingerie elastic, and it was mostly a success. :) Some of the stitching got pretty messy, but it looks good… enough!

Ohhhlulu Jane Knickers - Detail 1

I purchased the fabric from Hobby Lobby, and the lingerie elastic from Sew Sassy. I used the #E712 Narrow Pico Edge Lingerie Elastic in Boysenberry, which I recommend. (Quick note: the narrow lingerie elastic that they sell is honestly kind of crappy. It’s stretchy, but I would definitely not recommend purchasing this to sew lingerie with. It’s stretchy, but it doesn’t offer much support. In fact, I bought so much that I think I may make cat toys out of them or use them to wrap presents/gifts — anything but garment sewing.)

The bow was taken from a ribbon in my stash that came from a wrapped gift I’m guessing. In this case, hoarding really worked out for me since this came together as a nice match!

Ohhhlulu Jane Knickers - Detail 2

Next time, I think I’ll try sewing the elastic in the round. It might not be “right,” but I think it may be easier and provide a nicer finish – also, quicker since it took me hours to get the elastic sewn on correctly!

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and here’s to a prosperous 2015! As always, I’m incredibly thankful to all my readers who continue to read this little blog. xx

All items in this post were purchased by me, including the pattern. Ohhhlulu did not ask me to write a review. None of the links used are affiliate links.

  1. Avigayil said:

    This looks so cute and the fabric is just darling. Sewing is on my ‘bucket-list’ if things to learn. And lovely to see you again :D

    • Miss Mew said:

      I’m so sorry for all my late responses. If you were near me, I would totally teach you! It is truly one of my goals to have a sewing circle. ONE DAY. (I actually learned myself. It really isn’t too difficult. Sewing to me is soooo much easier than knitting.)

  2. These are so pretty! I like sewing bras but am quite messy at underwear. And thanks for the heads up about sew sassy’s elastic! I get most of my supplies from bra Makers Supply, so I’d recommend them if you don’t mind spending a bit more for quality. Cheers x

    • Miss Mew said:

      Thanks for your comment! I’m so sorry that it has taken forever to get back to you – and wooo, new blog for me to read! :D *follows on Feedly* Also… Tina. Tina is the best.

      I will shamefully admit that I didn’t place an order with Bra Makers Supply because I didn’t want to deal with international shipping. However, after my order with Sew Sassy, it seems like some piece should be purchased from them! When/If I ever get super serious about lingerie making, they will definitely be the people I go to!

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