Kiss Me Deadly Cupless Red Vargas Dress Review

This week has been insanely busy! Work has been busy, and I was out being social. :) I got to see the insanely talented Rodrigo y Gabriela in concert, and waaaaaaaaaaaah!! So happy! Amaaaaaaaazing!

Anyway, you’re here for lingerie, right? So let’s get on with it. ;)

It was a good mail week. My Kiss Me Deadly Red Cupless Vargas Dress that I had pre-ordered arrived!

(I was losing sunlight pretty quickly, so sorry about the quality!)
Kiss Me Deadly Cupless Red Vargas Dress - Hanger

Unlike the promotional pics, I find the dress to be more of a cherry color instead of a bright red. I think my pictures accurately reflect the color of the item, so keep this in mind if the type of red may be a dealbreaker for you. I like both colors, even though I was expecting the bright red.

There are three suspender straps on each leg. Each clip is larger than your “standard” suspender clip and have a good weight – these are definitely meant to hold up your stockings! I really, really like the placement of them; they make perfect sense. (I didn’t realize just how much I’d like the placement of them until I sat here and started writing this review.) I’ve found that with my tighter skirts, I can see the clips underneath my clothing, and it’s something I would prefer to NOT advertise when I’m at work. The clips are at the side of the leg and follow through to the back.
Kiss Me Deadly Cupless Red Vargas Dress Suspender Clips

I did notice that the topstitching on one side of the front panel is kind of sloppy. I don’t expect 100% perfection, but there was a noticeable crookedness on one side with a lot of backstitching; there are also a few skipped stitches, which I find a bit bothersome. This might just be on the dress I received, though. (FYI: this picture’s color is NOT accurate.)
Kiss Me Deadly Cupless Red Vargas Dress

The mesh is a powernet that isn’t too stretchy. In other words, it has enough give but still pulls back firmly. I find size charts slightly stressful, but the sizing is spot-on. I purchased a Medium. If you’re in between sizes, I personally would size down. This piece offers moderate shaping, which is what I prefer. (No thanks to the Spanx – I don’t know how anyone wears them without wanting to pass out.) However, if you have any concerns about sizing, definitely email them! Rose was super sweet and helpful when I ordered and confirmed the sizing/fit once the items were made and delivered to them.

My waist is anywhere from 30-32″, especially after I eat, and this contains me nicely without cutting off my circulation. :) I feel that I could get a big meal in me without wanting to tear off my shapewear. My hips are about 37-38″, and it comfortably held in my rear end. The shoulder straps are super stretchy and very comfortable and should accommodate women of all shapes and sizes!

Below is a side view of me wearing this dress – and yes, I’m standing up straight and sucking it in!
Kiss Me Deadly Cupless Red Vargas Dress Side View

Despite a couple of issues, I love this girdle dress and am quite happy that I ordered it. I love frou frou impractical pieces, but I’m ecstatic to have made a practical, useful purchase in this price point.

More importantly, I feel incredibly awesome and powerful in it. Looking at the picture of me wearing it, I can’t help but think, “Damn, I look fantastic. Am I channeling Lara Croft? Yes. I’m channeling Lara Croft.” Badass!!

Kiss Me Deadly Cupless Red Vargas Dress, Bordelle Velvet Justine Bra, seamless black knickers that are on their last leg, and stockings by Coquette, available at  All items were purchased by me.  No affiliate links in this post.

Kiss Me Deadly Cupless Red Vargas Dress, Bordelle Velvet Justine Bra, seamless black knickers that are on their last leg, and stockings by Coquette, available at All items were purchased by me. No affiliate links in this post.

PS – For those who are curious, the free gift with the pre-order was a pair of Sirena knickers in a size medium. So generous! One can never have too many knickers. :)

Hope you all had a wonderful week and can enjoy some rest this weekend!

  1. Avigayil said:

    DAMN GIRL YOU LOOK HOT! :D I usually hate red lingerie but thisI could make an exception for. It is a shame about the stitching, but it wont affect the integrity of the piece, right? And a Bordelle bra? *falls over* *jealous!!*

    • Miss Mew said:

      Thank you! ;D I don’t think the integrity of the piece would be compromised, but skipped stitches really just bother me! It looks amateur/sloppy, and it’s surprising that lingerie from KMD would have skipped stitches. I had ordered a Fifi set from them (which was swimmingly large on my body), and that one was soooo nicely made.

      I have a handful of Bordelle that actually fits me. I hate buying S/M/L sized bras, but their M is nearly a perfect fit!

  2. Kitty said:

    Ahhh It looks incredible on you!! So happy this KMD piece worked for you. You have totally convinced me and now I’m definitely going to buy one :) xx

    • Miss Mew said:

      Thanks, Kitty! <3 I know you'd look amazing in this as well. I can't wait until the weather is cooler here, so I can wear this without wanting to rip it off due to the humidity. (It has taken every fiber of my being to NOT turn on the air conditioner tonight, ugggggh.)

  3. Estelle said:

    I came so, so close to buying that – it ended up being a choice between that and a corset due to finances and I went for the corset. Shame about the sloppy stitching, but I’m still sort of tempted by it. Maybe for Christmas :)

    • Miss Mew said:

      Hi, Esty! I don’t think anyone can go wrong with a corset or shapewear. :) The black one will be a regular item, so I totally understand prioritizing the lingerie buying!

      I never would’ve described shapewear as comfortable, but I really dig this piece and can’t wait to utilize it once the weather is cooler. :)

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