Delicates Vintage Slip

Hi! I’m a grandma who is trapped inside a 30 year old’s body. I hate going out to bars/clubs/loud places with lots of drunk people, find most restaurants overpriced with mediocre food, and would most definitely prefer spending time with my little babou while hand-sewing little trinkets or dolls. I don’t own a TV, hate texting on a touchscreen phone, write letters, and hand wash all of my dishes. My home is furnished with people’s parents’/grandparents’ furniture that they no longer want.

I love old things.

So imagine my delight when I found some vintage lingerie at my favorite antique mall!
Delicates - Hanging

Can you believe that it was $5?
(Okay, I guess it’s totally believable. But I seriously can’t be the only person who wants some old nighties.)

I have no idea when this piece was made given how so many styles overlap, but I’m guessing 70s-80s. I may be completely wrong, so if you have a clue on deciphering the lot number/label, please let me know! :)
Delicates - Tag

It’s made of slinky, soft pink nylon netting and trimmed with Venice lace at the elasticated waist. There’s a little rosette at the center along with some trailing ribbons. It’s also proudly made in the USA!
Delicates - Inset

This is a size large, which is honestly too big on me. But I really adore this little nightgown and plan on a simple alteration by reducing the length at the top of the shoulders. (I just need this not to fall off of me when I move.)

I think a beige bralette underneath this would make it a cute “lingerie as outerwear” piece during the summer – something a bit more versatile – even though some grandmas, including my own, would probably not approve!

Delicates - Worn

This slip was purchased by me at a secondhand shop. Because I’m probably one of the few people who would buy old underwear. ;) Knickers are granny panties that I purchased at Marshalls for a few dollars on clearance. They’re also stamped “irregular.” Thought you should know.

  1. Kitty said:

    Oh, I adore this! It looks wonderful on you xxx

  2. If you can’t alter it to fit you.. send it my way! *love* *adore* I love vintage buys I never find anything big enough for my bust/hips. this looks like it has good allowance in those areas and it is SOOOO PRETTY! What a steal for $5!
    Your intro reminded me of – well – me. I don’t like restaurants when I can cook better than what the chef puts out. I didn’t own a TV till I got married and then I cut the cable (haha!) so we just watch movies on it… tehehehehe. You are not alone m’dear! :-) (oh ya… and I use the term m’dear… how granny is that?) *hug* you look splendid!

    • I definitely will keep you in mind! Are you on Snapchat or What’s App? I can keep an eye out for vintage goodies at my shop (similarly priced) and send pics to you when I head out there. They actually have numerous “large” pieces that would be too big on my frame, and I’d love to find them homes! xx

      You can send me your info via the contact form, so that neither of us gets spammed. ;)

      • Avigayil said:

        I don’t have either of those. Looks like I need to sign up to something new!

      • Miss Mew said:

        If/when you do, let me know! Add me! :)

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