Between the Sheets Birds of Play Bralette and Ouvert Knickers Review

I purchased the Birds of Play bralette and ouvert knickers nearly a year ago. I’m almost embarrassed to say that I never got to wearing them until now. (That was primarily due to a misguided belief that my body wasn’t good enough to wear some of the lingerie I bought and/or that it was too nice to wear!) I’m really trying to make a good effort to wear my pretty things, especially since I love them so much! And also because I’m wearing them for ME because ME is pretty awesome. :)

Birds of Play Shade

I regret not wearing this set sooner.

Between the Sheets really hits the spot when it comes to tasteful, elegant, and understated sexy lingerie. However, the most laudable aspect behind this company is their unwavering commitment to social responsibility. While I am NOT a saint and occasionally indulge in cheap, made with questionable labor pieces, I have nothing but respect for a company who invests heavily in doing the least amount of harm in an industry where sustainability is generally ignored. It’s tough, and I can’t even imagine what it’s like to compete with other companies who look solely at the bottom line. While I may not be able to regularly afford pieces at full price, I really want to save up and buy a couple pieces from them each year because 1) they deserve it and 2) it’s worth it.

Birds of Play is probably one of the prettiest sets I’ve laid my eyes on in a looong time. The stretchy lace is truly special; it’s designed and custom-made exclusively for Between the Sheets in the US. It’s amazingly soft and cuddly, and it feels wonderful against my skin. It also offers a good amount of coverage despite its sheerness. I am absolutely in love with the color (shade), too; it’s a unique, gorgeous dusty purpley-grey.

Birds of Play Lace

As for sizing, I find that this style runs large due to the fabric material. I typically purchase a “medium” in most brands (US6 bottoms) and have a 32-33″ underbust, about 36-37″ full bust, but I opted for a “small.” The ouvert knickers fit me perfectly on the bottom.

The bralette is a good fit, but it is extremely stretchy in the band and offers a looser fit with very little support. It’s perfect to flop around on the sofa in while watching Netflix in your underwear. There is no clasp, so it will need to be pulled on. The adjustable grosgrain straps are generous in length. My only complaint: the band did ride up on me a bit, even after adjusting the straps. If you have large breasts, the bralette cups might not offer much coverage.

Front and pretty ouvert back while worn. (Hi, horrible tan lines that are still on my body after being terribly sunburned back in May.)

Birds of Play - FrontBirds of Play - Front

Between the Sheets has a few of these pieces left in their sale section, so if you’re interested, snap them up before they’re gone! They also offer free worldwide shipping with a minimum purchase of $30. INSANE.

I honestly don’t know why Between the Sheets isn’t more popular whereas brands like Agent Provocateur are. To me, AP is so overrated that I can’t even… From Between the Sheets’ brand ethics, free shipping, and 15% lifetime subscriber discount (can even be used on sale items that aren’t already 50%+ marked off – you will get the code when signing up for their newsletter), they’re one of the best lingerie companies in existence; I don’t think you could ask for more from any brand.

My lingerie budget is a bit stretched, but I am sorely tempted to purchase the matching bodysuit Did it.  I can’t be helped. :(

All items in this post were purchased by myself. Between the Sheets did not ask me to write a review nor did they compensate me for this post.

  1. Avigayil said:

    I have those same knickers and the fit is so bad on me! I think it might be because I have a large hip to waist ratio… but the awesome space in the back gapes horribly and the waist band won’t stay put. I LOVE the fabric though – it is so comfy. The set looks so awesome on you and looks like a much better fit.

    • Miss Mew said:

      Awww, I’m sorry to hear! The things I love, I always wish/hope that they work out for everyone. :)

      The lace is amazing, isn’t it? My bodysuit came in, and even on my long torso, it is suuuuper comfy and works perfectly. Thanks, doll! <3

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