Kiss Me Deadly Red Vargas Dress – Pre-Order

After seeing All That Lingerie and Kitty in Tulle post pics of their Kiss Me Deadly knickers, I realized that

1) I have nothing from this brand
2) I reeeeeeally want to own something from this brand.

I don’t own a lot of shapewear, which is a bit odd given how I’d probably wear it more than most of my “frivolous” lingerie purchases. :P As much as I love the frou frou impractical stuff, I’m trying to make purchases that WILL be worn somewhat regularly.

After seeing this post on Lingerie Addict, I decided to pull the trigger and go ahead with the red cupless Vargas dress. Non-affiliate link here.

Kiss Me Deadly Red Vargas Dress

Photo © Kiss Me Deadly.

I decided on the red because it’s a limited edition color, and if I wanted the black, I could purchase it at a later date. I’m super hesitant about owning shapewear that’s sized S, M, L or with a built-in bra where I’m unsure about sizing. And lately, I’m having one hell of a time with bra sizing from British companies. (I’ll probably go into this a bit further in a future post, but I comfortably wear a 36A in most British brands but 34C in French brands. But few British brands make bras in 36A, and 34B offers too many fit issues.) Anyway, I’m super excited that I can wear my own bras with this!

I ordered this in a Medium, and I hope it fits me well! Is anyone else planning on ordering this?

This piece costs £69.00 (VAT-inclusive), but KMD offers tax-free shopping (and currently free shipping), so I paid £57.50. :)

  1. Avigayil said:

    I am like… super tempted to order this (in black) but my budget is really tight for lingerie right now. O.o It is so sexy it blows my mind. I can’t wait to see what the red looks like on you!

    • I wonder what the free gift will be… :)

      I need to cut my lingerie budget in half. Is there a time where there aren’t any good deals to be had??

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