Flash You and Me Karmen Harness, Crop Top, and Panties Set Review

One of my favorite new brands this year is Flash You and Me. Handmade in Latvia by the talented Liva Steina, Flash You and Me offers so many flirty, romantic designs that are extremely well-priced and equally well-made.

I’ll be honest: as much as I love the strappy, S&M/bondage details in lingerie, I feel that they’re now a cliche with most brands producing similar things. To me, Liva’s brand is super refreshing. I love her assorted palette of colors, and her lingerie is just pretty. She also offers matching underwear for couples if you’re interested in that. Unfortunately, my cat doesn’t wear underwear… ;)

I received my order in less than two weeks. The wait time is entirely reasonable, and the post office was relatively quick with delivery from Latvia. My lingerie came to me in fun, silver ink screenprinted boxes:
Flash You and Me Boxes

I purchased this gorgeous crop top and with matching knickers when I saw this on Etsy. This cost me ~$50USD for both pieces. I love how you can buy sets for ~$50USD!
Flash You and Me Floral Mesh Set (Front)
Wrinkled sheets are wrinkly. :)

The floral mesh has some stretch, but it isn’t overly stretchy. It has a bit of stiffness to it; it feels sturdy. I have no doubt that it will hold up in the wash! I ordered the crop top in Small, and it fits me and my broad man-shoulders well. It is just a bit short in length, but some readjustments avoids underboob spillage. The panties are Medium.

I really adore all of the little details in the lingerie. The bra strap is a gorgeous mint green that nicely complements the floral print. Seriously, it’s just pretty.
Flash You and Me Floral Mesh Set (Back)

Here’s a closeup shot of the floral mesh and the adorable ruffle on the bottom of these knickers:
Flash You and Me Knickers Closeup

I also purchased the Karmen harness in mint. There are a total of 7 colors you can get this harness in! If this isn’t a steal, then I don’t know what is. Seriously. $25.11USD for this harness?! I swear that you will not find another handmade harness of this quality at this price. Liva also offers other styles of harnesses – none are more than $30USD.

The elastic is silky soft, and the gold hardware has a nice weight to it. The product feels luxurious. You can wear it by itself for sexy times if you prefer:
Flash You and Me Karmen Harness (Mint) - Solo

Or layer it over other pieces! Perfect over the crop top. Would look amazing over bras as well or form fitting clothing.
Flash You and Me Karmen Harness (Mint)

Here’s a full-body shot. All the pretty pretty princess feels. ;)
(I’m wearing a white thong underneath the knickers for modesty.)
Flash You and Me Set (Worn)

I’ve had really great customer service from Liva, too. In my first package, she also included some adorable green teardrop stone earrings. They matched my lingerie set quite wonderfully! There was initially a mistake with the wrong size being sent out to me (Medium crop top which was way too huge on me), but Liva was wonderful and sent me the proper size without any delays.

Flash You and Me currently has a 15% discount available at their Etsy shop. If you fill out this survey, you may redeem the code. (The code is available through their Etsy website at the top, but please remember to do the survey before using.) If you were wondering about trying out this brand, now’s the time with this great deal! Discount is valid until September 1. I love my Flash You and Me lingerie, and I cannot wait to make more purchases in the future. :D

All items were purchased by me.

  1. Nicole said:

    I filled out the survey but didn’t get the code

    • The code is featured on their Etsy site. :) It’s at the top!

  2. Haha! I have a post on Flashyouandme in drafts on my blog right now – great minds think alike I think they say! I ordered their couples underwear set and was very impressed with quality & materials. So fun to see you reviewing them too as I couldn’t even find any reviews on them when I went to buy back in June. <3 The more the merrier!

    • Agreed! I think it’s awesome how so many of us bloggers tend to buy from the same brands; great minds really do think alike!

      I know Amber has written a couple reviews, too. I want to place another order with them before their sale ends. Too much lingerie, so limited funds! :(

      • I know the feeling! and I have to remember other clothing necessities too. Like shirts. I tend to forget them.

  3. Justine said:

    I love the colors on you! Thanks for doing this review. I love how their prices are very affordable. I’m planning to buy a set in the future.

    • Thank you for the sweet comment, Justine; I’m glad you like the review! I’m totally digging their new pieces like the black floral lace set and the nude triangle bralette; I hope to get my hands on those!

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