Beautifully Bound Garter Review

Word of mouth is a lovely thing. I first heard of Beautifully Bound from Lamb in her gorgeous post. Handmade lingerie with an affordable price tag? Sign me up!

I purchased a garter (USD$9.89), the pentagram harness bra (USD$24.75) and the pentagram knickers (USD$ 16.50). Shipping was USD$11.47. At the time, Sally, the owner, was giving away a garter with each purchase, so I conveniently ended up with a set of 2. :)

Sally was super awesome. I was worried that the pieces might not fit me well, but there wasn’t any problem at all: I provided all of my measurements, and she was happy and willing to make the lingerie to my size. When I made my purchase, she was still relatively new to Etsy, so she was still figuring things out like combined international shipping. She promptly responded and adjusted the shipping, so that it was properly reflected in my order. Sally is also very friendly, so don’t be afraid to approach her!

It took about 1.5 weeks for my purchase to be made and arrive in my hands.

I am always the slightest bit apprehensive when it comes to handmade Etsy items (I had some bad sewing non-lingerie purchases in the past), but my concerns were completely unfounded. Everything was extremely well-made and sturdy.

I haven’t had time to take good pictures of me wearing the bra and knickers, so those will come soon! But for now, here’s a couple snaps of Beautifully Bound’s lovely garters:

Love how they frame the flesh:
Beautifully Bound Garter 1

My package got delivered at work, and I happily slapped it on over my tights. I felt a little bit scandalous! :)
Beautifully Bound Garter 2

All items in this post were purchased by me except for the black Melissa shoes, which were a present from my wonderful friend Sue!

  1. Nicolle said:

    That garter is GORGEOUS. Bookmarking this etsy in case I ever get an itch for a garter. :D

    • Nan said:

      Hey, Nic! I love that you keep a blog still! Didn’t know it… Will add it to my Feedly. :D Thanks for stopping by!

      • Nicolle said:

        I just started recently again. I really missed it and since everyone moved onto tumblr from LJ I decided to just use the domain I had laying around. :D

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