Where I Buy Lingerie

Lingerie (where to buy)

Ultimately, this website serves as a personal archive of what I have acquired over the course of 5+ years. :)

When it comes to higher-end lingerie, cost is unarguably an issue. I primarily purchase my lingerie on sale due to my budget. I can always wait a season or two unless the piece tugs at my heart strings and will be extremely popular where it’ll sell out. I’m usually pretty distracted with work (full-time and part-time), taking care of my home, volunteering, and/or spending time with my family and my cat, so there’s rarely a rush on my end due to a lack of time.

Some people love purses, designer clothes, going out to party/drink, cars, boats, whatever. My interests lie with lingerie, thrift stores, and estate sales – and that’s where most of my disposable income goes – after squirreling some into savings, 401(k), and living expenses. I rarely buy new clothes, hardly go out to eat, and I’m way too old to enjoy the party/drinking scene. :P

I do most of my lingerie shopping online due to selection/price/brands. Believe it or not, I actually went to a super posh boutique in a wealthy part of town, and they didn’t even carry my bra size! And it’s not like my bra size is *that* hard to find: 32D, 34B, or 36A depending on how the bra is sized and made. Even though I purchase most of my lingerie online, I also do find some cute, fun pieces at Marshalls or Ross. :)

Here are the online retailers that I frequent/enjoy shopping with:

Be still my heart. Journelle is THE queen bee retailer of luxury lingerie. They carry many wonderful brands that I adore (they consistently offer the lowest full-price on lingerie), and when they have a sale, it’s pretty mind-blowing: high-quality stuff and not just leftover crap. They offer free shipping and turn around your order quickly in 1-2 business days.

I have been extremely and pleasantly surprised with Glamuse. They carry so many luxurious brands, have a sale section comparable to Journelle’s, AND offer VAT-free shopping for non-EU residents. International orders are shipped via tracked express at for about $30, and I got my order in a few days – beautifully packed, too! Cost seems a bit high, but with the money I saved on VAT and the weight of my order, I thought it was fair. I found a handful of Bordelle pieces that were no longer available elsewhere and filled in a bunch of missing pieces. :) Note: the website is in French, but thanks to a couple of years of high school French, Google translate, and a bit of common sense, ordering online was a breeze.

I’ve picked up a lot of Mimi Holliday from Gilt, but they carry other brands like Hanky Panky. Prices aren’t as low as the Outnet, but they carry a nice selection. I pay for the cheapest shipping, and it gets to me in about a week. Their customer support is amazing and a nice, welcomed surprise from a larger company: friendly, proactive, and overall, phenomenal.

Overall, my experiences with various sellers on eBay have been very positive. I like using it for filling gaps in my collection/purchasing missing pieces from sets that most retailers no longer carry. eBay is also a fave for picking up older collections, especially if the brand is new to me.

La Lilouche
I think Liya is the bees’ knees. Her style is distinctive, and her lingerie is made with topnotch materials. Her customer service is wonderful, and it’s always a pleasure to purchase from her! I think her lingerie is very well-priced given that everything is handmade with her own two hands and essentially, made-to-order AND made-to-measure if required. Liya also has sales on earlier collections.

Ell and Cee
Laura seriously knows how to work silk chiffon. There’s something so ethereal and dream-like about their lingerie and photoshoots. Ell and Cee also has sample sales (keep an eye out for their tweets!) as well as sales on previous collections. Although they do not offer tax-free (VAT-exclusive) shopping, shipping is reasonable for signed and expedited delivery from the UK. Not to many people carry Ell and Cee outside of the UK and/or with reasonable shipping, so if you’re going to get some, I’d recommend buying it directly from them.

All items in this post were purchased by me. I do not use affiliate links.

  1. SuSohn said:

    Damn… if I knew earlier about your love for lingerie, I would’ve sent you a pair of Stella McCartney thong panties that were just sitting untouched in my bottom dresser drawer. Stella’s PR dept. sent my sister some awesome freebies, including lingerie, but vegan Sara doesn’t wear silk, so she passed them on to me. I do NOT wear thongs, so unfortunately I gave ’em away (they were kinda frilly too, so VPL). However I do have a 34B underwire bra that might interest you… (:-P)

    • Nan said:

      Ahhh, don’t tell me this! ;)

      I totally adore lingerie. I’ve always loved it, but I never decided to write about it until now. I also want to have a historical record of what I’ve purchased, so I can remember easily instead of looking into the blackhole of undergarments lol!

      • SuSohn said:

        I hear ya… j’adore lingerie egalement! (I hope that made sense coz I never learned French ;-)

        I mentioned the Stella underwire bra above because it doesn’t fit me + therefore sitting at the very bottom of my dresser drawer (the gifted lingerie was given in my sister’s sizing). However, I was able to fit somewhat into a nice, silky soft cup bra, which is more forgiving size wise (albeit slightly big for my molehills). Needless to say, my sis was NOT happy that her sexy freebies weren’t vegan.

        Brassieres are what I buy most, although they tend to be soft cup purchases. I find the older I get, the less comfy I am with underwires; also, being small chested allows me to get away from wearing them often. That said, nowadays there’s so many pretty wireless bras, that I always find a reason to buy them!

        Journelle’s post New Year’s sale is ALWAYS marked on my calender + gives me the perfect excuse to buy my fave piece of lingerie: *garters*

      • Nan said:

        Well, if you’d like to pass that Stella bra onto me… ;) Do you have a pic of it? :D

        Is it too personal to ask what your bra size is? lol

        American Apparel has some nice mesh bras that won’t put a huge dent in your wallet. I really love picking them up when Groupon has a deal where you get $50 worth of goods for $25! My new faves are Mimi Holliday comfort bras which have a soft cup but has underwires. It gives a really natural shape!

  2. SuSohn said:

    I’m more than happy to pass that Stella McCartney bra onto you, but I incorrectly reported its size earlier (it’s actually 34C). But I don’t think that’s gonna stop you, is it? (nothing a pair of falsies won’t fix ;-)

    I’ve no prob divulging my bra size: 34A (a quick glance at my molehills would easily inform most people). I think A-cups are easy to reveal since it seems more invasive to ask when you’re a B-cup or higher, only because it then becomes more of a sexual curiosity/competitive factor. I mainly wear demi-cup underwires because my boobs are bunny ski-slopes + push-ups only make me fill out the bra, rather than have the cups runneth over (that I do envy a bit).

    Thanx for the tip on the AA soft bras; I’ve seen them before, but since they don’t refund (credit/exchange only), I’ve never bought any. I only wear soft bras during warmer weather, coz sweaty underwires just feel fucking gross.

    I’ll send the bra in my next parcel, so until then, here’s a description of what it looks like (sorry about the missing thong): http://www.lyst.com/clothing/stella-mccartney-lavinia-hiding-contour-bra-mushroom/

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