Body Thoughts [Remix: Hopeless Lingerie x Bordelle]

I like having a little place where I can write and talk about things that make me happy.

This past week has been really emotionally challenging. When lots of things go badly especially over things I have zero control (where the outcome significantly affects me), I tend to crumble. It’s a domino effect: I start picking at *everything* that I’m unhappy with, and unfortunately, the first thing that comes up is my body.

When I was in high school, I would frequently visit my family overseas. When I tried to buy clothes, most stores/market vendors didn’t carry my size! If they did, I would wear an XL or a XXL. I actually didn’t start working out and eating better until after I graduated from college. My weight fluctuated in my early to mid-twenties, but it’s pretty much stabilized now aka this is what it’s going to be. I’m 5’4″, wear a US6-8, and weigh-in at approximately 145 lbs – and I also have broad shoulders. :P (PS – This is not the standard Asian physique.)

Sometimes I wonder why I’m so hard on my body. There’s honestly no good reason. When I’m not looking at advertisements or so-called “preferred” body types, I’m actually happy/satisfied with my body, even if I’m cramming bad foods in my body (and hey, honestly, no regrets).

That being said, after finding some solace in super trashy disgusting foods, it’s time to get back on schedule. :) I also need to head back to the gym after taking two weeks off after that barbell incident…

I received some goodies in the mail and was excited to wear them, even if I wasn’t feeling my best. Pretty underthings really do lift up one’s spirits. ;)
Hopeless x Bordelle 1

Hopeless Lingerie: Maja garters (flipped around; they’re one-sided FYI), Kristen knickers (purchased from PassionateJade; Bordelle Lady Citron Bodice Bra (can be purchased available on sale from Journelle)
Hopeless x Bordelle 2

Review for the Bordelle bra to come in the near future! (Quick notes – it’s a bitch to put on by yourself, but it’s a beautiful, well-made, hefty bra.) All lingerie pieces are a size Medium.

All items in this post were purchased by me. I do not use affiliate links.

  1. SuSohn said:

    Love the Bordelle piece! I love their stuff, but find that it’s either too pricey for me OR that I’ll never wear it more than 2x (though I’ve been VERY tempted by their garter pieces – my weakness).

    My sister + I also don’t fit into the “standard Asian” female physique: she’s a Jayne Mansfield body type, while I’m pear-shaped with a big ol’ Latin booty (no joke). The issue I have with general body image is that everyone wants to (or has at one point) look like someone else, and frickin’ Asian women want to look EXACTLY identical to each other as the ultimate Asian Beauty (whatever the fuck THAT is). When we were really immature kids, my sis would point out her alpine mountain boobs were superior to my wee molehills; now, I like to occasionally point out that as we age, my “molehills” will stay perkier for a helluva lot longer than her “Kilimanjaros.” (;-P)

    BTW: I envy your cute butt… *(n_n)*

    • Nan said:

      I have a booty, too – Asian twinsies in the booty department! I remember when I was younger and lying on the bed, she’d come over and smack my butt and say, “You have a big butt.” Yeah okay, thanks, MOM. I really do like my tush quite a bit! I have molehill boobs although they are wide and shallow. They look great from the front and small when there’s a side view lol.

      I was reading an article awhile ago about plastic surgery in Korea. It’s INSANE. It’s gotten so bad that so many Korean female personalities look the same that I can’t really tell them apart, thanks to all of their similar surgeries. :(

      • SuSohn said:

        I don’t know what it is about Asian moms + their maternal “cop-a-feelies”: it’s like their God-given right since they pushed us outta their hooches! (;-D)

        My physique is pretty much typical Asian female EXCEPT when it comes to my hiney (quarters anyone?). Which is weird coz my sister is STACKED, but has a regular small Korean behind. Meanwhile, I try to explain to my mother that in other parts of the world, my ass reigns supreme in the sex appeal dept. But you know how it is with older Asian ladies: blah, blah… they have their Cover Girl body image forever inked inside their heads. It’s as if Asian women just don’t have asses, period. [FYI: I think Kate Upton is stunning, but my mom thinks she’s kinda “too big”]

      • SuSohn said:

        *PS ~ about that whole insane Korean plastic surgery epidemic, South Korea is the #1 nation in the world where its citizens get work done on themselves (1 out of 4). I pointed that fact to my mother, who then quips “OK, sure, they look plastic, but so many of them are SO pretty!”

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