Ell and Cee Elsie Kimono (Mulberry) Review

Living in the South near the Gulf makes for sweltering, humid, scorching summers. Heat index + temps over 100, humidity around the 90s, and mosquitoes? :( Over it.

Thankfully, what we get in exchange for brutal summers are relatively mild – if not damp – winters and a gorgeous 2 week spring (1 month if we’re lucky!).

I’m ready for autumn. I’m ready for a huge reduction in my power bill, and I’m looking forward to being outdoors and putting my plants into the ground. October is still a crap shoot for us, but I’m hoping for some cooler weather and a crisp breeze.

Until then, I can at least pretend. :)

Ell and Cee Elsie Kimono (Mulberry) - worn 1

Meet Elsie, the perfect introduction to Autumn. Doesn’t she photograph beautifully?
Ell and Cee Elsie Kimono (Mulberry) - front

I purchased this during Ell and Cee‘s last sale. I absolutely loved the kimonos from this collection – two lengths (Margot was full-length), pretty embroidered beadwork, and a variety of color points (emerald, mulberry, and black).

Ell and Cee Elsie Kimono (Mulberry) - back

I bought Elsie, a silk chiffon blend, in a Small. It’s generously cut and easily accommodated my broad shoulders without a problem. The ties along the shoulder are adjustable. I like them cinched up to the top and tied off in a bow. The kimono came with a belt, but let’s be honest: there is no way in hell I can get it around my waist, so it perpetually lives in its white box. I’m okay with that because the tacked pleats frame the waist:

Ell and Cee Elsie Kimono (Mulberry) - pleats

My favorite part of this piece? The beaded embroidery. As previously evidenced, I’m a sucker for sparkles, and when it’s incorporated into my absolute most favorite craft, I’m 100% all in. The beads are a mix of glass and plastic.
Ell and Cee Elsie Kimono (Mulberry) - beading

While this specific kimono may not be available, the primary purpose behind sharing this piece is to show just how lovely Ell and Cee’s lingerie is, and if you have any hesitation, don’t! There’s just so much elegance in this brand. I truly get the impression that Laura has put so much thought and care into her lingerie, and it’s reflected in the cuts and styles, all the way down to the fabric choices and embellishments.

Ell and Cee is manufactured in the UK with the beadwork coming from artisans in India. Moreover, most of the garments are hand-finished in-house. When lingerie is priced at a premium, as a customer and consumer, I want to see these considerations (fair wages/conditions + couture finishes) and am willing to pay for them. While I have purchased from companies that have their garments made in China, I won’t lie that I still feel a bit iffy seeing a “made in China” tag sewn into a pair of “designer” lingerie.

Since Elsie is no longer available, I really appreciate how many components from previous seasons find their way reworked into a new piece. Love the beaded starburst? There’s a tasteful playsuit that echoes this motif.

Ell and Cee had tweeted about a sample sale* coming up soon. If you aren’t in the UK but you’re interested in something that may have caught your eye, let Ell and Cee know; Laura hooked me up with the sample emerald version of this kimono and a pretty slip after I tweeted her about not being able to attend since I’m across the pond. Seriously: how cool is that?!

*Please note that sample pieces aren’t in minty brand new condition – they are samples that have been photographed and worn by models and may show some wear. Recorded delivery with 2-3 day service to the US cost me £9.95.

I guess the only thing that I love about the summer is cheerful daylight shining through the windows. :)

Ell and Cee Elsie Kimono (Mulberry) - worn 2

By the way, the lipstick is handmade by my pal Melissa from Morgana’s Crypt. The color is “Flirtatious Flapper.” She offers all sorts of outrageous colors and in vegan formulas. :)

All items in this post, including the lipstick, were purchased by me.


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